Lelo Insignia Hula Beads

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Feel The Spin Within As Beads Work Your Kegels!
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Lelo’s Insignia Hula Beads are the first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate & vibrate at the same time!

• Tip rotates against your G-Spot and Kegels for an arousing workout
• Vibrating base teases your vagina and clit for additional thrills
• Wireless remote great for fun in public and with your partner
• Remote even vibrates for additional fun
• Pick from 2 vibration modes: SensoMotion or Standard
• SensoMotion mode lets you control the vibrator by moving and shaking the remote
• Standard mode features 8 vibration patterns, each with multiple power levels
• Waterproof for fun in the shower or pool
• Retrieval cord for safe and easy removal
• Measures 1.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches long, insertable
• Made from hypoallergenic and easy to clean silicone
• Vibrator runs for about 1.5 hours on rechargeable batteries
• Accessories include: USB charger, wall outlet adaptor, storage pouch, detailed directions

Designed to balance pleasure and exercise, the Insignia Hula Beads from Lelo are a must-have for your toy drawer! The tip rotates in a small circle for a stimulating and natural-feeling massage. You can insert the beads halfway to tease your G-Spot or all the way to naturally stimulate your Kegel muscles. As you develop your Kegel muscles, you’ll gain greater control and experience stronger orgasms.

The base contains a second motor for vibrating power. When inserted halfway, the vibrator nestles between your lips and rubs against your clit for powerful stimulation. When inserted all the way, the vibrator teases your vagina and G-Spot for an explosive climax!

Combined with the wireless remote, the beads are a natural fit for couples. Just imagine handing the remote over to you lover and letting them completely control your pleasure from beginning to end. The remote itself even vibrates so it can be used to massage the rest of your body or your lover can keep it all for themselves! The beads are so quiet you can use them at home or in public for naughty thrills.

There are two different vibration modes for you to try. In SensoMotion Mode, you can control the vibrator simply by moving the controller. You can change speeds by angling the controller up or down. Or you can shake the controller as hard as you can – the faster you move it, the stronger the vibrations are! But there are times when you want to use the vibrator without drawing attention. In those cases, just turn the controller to Standard Mode. In Standard, the controller works like any other remote. Use the controller’s buttons to cycle through 8 vibration patterns – each with a wide range of power levels – to drive your lover wild. You can control the vibrator as far away as 39 feet in either mode.

The beads are fully waterproof so you can use them almost anywhere you go. They’re a great way to start the day during your morning shower or to wind down after work in the pool or hot tub. The watertight seal also makes the beads easy to clean and care for so you can keep them in tip-top shape.

The toy comes with a 3 inch long retrieval cord in the base for quick and easy removal.

The vibrating beads measure 3.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, insertable. The beads are made from silicone, one of the most sought after materials in sex toys for its wide range of special features. Silicone is nonporous which makes it easy to clean and care for and hypoallergenic so it won’t cause allergies or skin reactions. Silicone is also extremely smooth for easy penetration with just enough give for a comfortable feeling. The beads run for about 1.5 hours on rechargeable batteries. The toy comes with a USB charger and a wall outlet adaptor for your convenience.

Adam & Eve recommends the Lelo Insignia Hula Beads for vaginal stimulation and Kegel exercises.

The vibrating and rotating beads are compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based sex lubes. Wash the beads off in warm, soapy water before and after each use. Store the beads in the included storage pouch when finished.


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Remote control, Waterproof, Rotates, G Spot tip, Clitoral stimulator, Hypoallergenic, Rechargeable, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Wireless remote




1.50 inches





Power Source:



3.75 inches

Customer Reviews - Lelo Insignia Hula Beads


on February 19, 2015

This is the worst product ever! Does not work! Do not waste your money on this...really wish I could return it!
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on February 13, 2015

This is the worst product ever! Wish I could return it...does not work at all! For this price you would think it would rock your socks off....nope not even a tingle.
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Not Worth The Money   

on January 24, 2015

I ordered this expecting to be blown away but I was nowhere near impressed with its performance. The list of capabilities are endless but this toy just left me orgasm-less. Although it has a sleek comfortable design this thing is majorly over priced and not very powerful at all. It is also very complicated, you must ready the booklet carefully to fully understand how it works. I tried it twice and became so frustrated I returned it for a full refund. Do not waste your time with this product, you are only paying for the Insignia brand. It does not provide the pleasure it promises. Signed, Majorly underwhelmed and disappointed
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