First Time Duo Lover Love Balls

First Time Duo Lover Love Balls

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Inner Stimulation Without Batteries!

Take a walk on the wild side –– gently insert these weighted Ben Wa style balls into your vagina to get your orgasm primed! As you walk, they stimulate! Squeeze your kegels around them for exceptional muscle tone for sex later! Each plastic ball is 1" in diameter, 8 1/2" pull cord.

•    Perfectly weighted for the beginner
•    Works with water based lubes
•    Perfect for kegel toning exercises for better sex
•    Great during masturbation, feel those muscles!
•    Great during foreplay
•    Two 1" plastic balls attached to 8.5" TPU pull cord
•    Wear them while walking around the house doing chores
•    Try wearing them for a period of time each day, for several days before sex
•    Based on ancient Chinese sex toy

Your First Time Duo Lover Love Balls are perfect for use during masturbation, foreplay, kegel strengthening – even as a kinky addition to household chores!

Removing your First Time Duo Lover Love Balls is easy with the TPU retrieval loop. Wash your love balls with antibacterial soap and water or sex toy cleaner. This discreet sex toy is great for travel, or for use in conjunction with other sex toys like clitoral vibrators.

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Cal Exotics, First Time
Pink, Purple
Kegel Exercise
8.5 inches
1.00 inches
balls od fire
"great exercise for your inner muscles"
"it has tone and tighten my vagina, made (Os) easier, and more intense."
"DEFINTELY help tighten those fun muscles, and gets you going while doing the simplest thing ;)"
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Very Satified Submitted 7/19/2012
i was so excited when I received my package from Adam & Eve. I immediately ripped it open and to my delight my Love balls were here. I tore them open and inserted them. Wow what a turn on. I wore these all afternoon until hubby got home. Boy was he surprised at how wet and ready I was for him. These Love balls are a part of my every day ritual now. I have recently wore them to work. I was turned on all day
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Will RUST!!!! Submitted 8/15/2014
Had these for a few months. They were fine. But noticed after cleaning this week dirty water was coming out. Since I decided to order heavier ones I decided to break them open...they were disgusting completely rusted out now I'm going to the Dr to make sure there's no infection. Because you could tell they've been rusted for a while!!!
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Good for beginner Submitted 10/15/2014
I've wanted to try Be Wa balls for awhile and these were a perfect price for something I was unsure if I'd like, so I'm glad I started out with these. If you are unsure like I was, then I recommend you do the same. I decided to give these a try for the first time before cleaning my room. BEST. CLEANING. EVER. The size on these is small enough I didn't really notice them that much unless I was moving. The weights would shift as I moved and created a really unique feeling. I got so wet so fast! Maybe it's just the unique way people are shaped, but I have not noticed the uncomfortable plastic bits people seem to complain about on here. Maybe I'm just lucky? I have not had these long enough to know how well they will hold up over time, but so far I am happy. I plan to order another set of Benwa balls in a larger size now that I know I like them. I would like to be able to feel the actual ball a bit more, thus why I give the product a 4/5 and not a 5/5, but overall a great product, and definitely seems best for beginners as the name states.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
She lived it Submitted 7/26/2017
My wife and I watched 50 shades darker and these were used. I asked if she would try so we did and in date night I loved watching her walk around with these inside her. She said she lived it because it felt like I was inside her the whole night. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more but the end of the night was amazing.
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ok product Submitted 6/26/2012
not as awesome as i had hoped, the plastic piece at the end of the retrieval string is made of hard plastic and can be very uncomfortable.
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It won't be first time for long. Submitted 8/15/2015
This is (surprise!) my first toy of this kind, so not a lot to compare it with. It's a very interesting sensation to have them inside while playing with myself, either just leaving them in there or going in and out. I did buy them to exercise my muscles, so I walk around with them a lot. Also a very interesting sensation... not having orgasms every 5 minutes or anything extreme like that, but it's very pleasant. Sometimes I get worried that people will hear the clicking noise as the weights roll around, but so far, nobody commented on it, so perhaps it's not as loud as I think. Retrieval is easy with the looped string, and it's soft enough to not irritate anything.
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just a waste Submitted 9/20/2012
no pleasure. not enough weight to provide any benefits..... just like a thick tampon. even for a beginner.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
They fit and help! Submitted 8/9/2017
I've had a bit of trouble since I'm a large woman, but once I get them in, they really help with the keigle excercises. They also feel pretty good! Not vibrating, but they move nicely and are fun!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Wife loves wearing while at gym Submitted 9/14/2017
My wife loves wearing during the day. She is always aroused
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Wow!! I was horny that I was using the balls. Submitted 11/2/2017
You will not regret. Love it!!
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