From penis rings to remote vibrators, there are plenty of sex toys out there for couples looking to light a spark. Here are 10 of our favorite couples’ toys.

10 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for solo play anymore! While dildos, vibrators, and hand-held strokers have long been popular for masturbation, there’s a lot of excitement and innovation around couples’ sex toys. Bringing a toy into the bedroom can spice things up, treating you both to new, more intense sensations. Many of the best sex toys for couples are versatile, delivering pleasure to straight and gay men or women.

We know it’s not always easy to shop for a new type of sex toy, and you may have questions before ordering a product. To help make your latest foray into adult toys a little easier, we’ve gathered together our favorite couples’ sex toys below:

1. Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

Price: Wallet-Friendly

Buy the Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

Turn on the top-mounted vibrator and brace yourselves! Perfectly positioned for clitoral stimulation, she’ll be in ecstasy while he feels the multi-speed vibrations in his member. The flexible gel ring helps keep him hard as both of you experience wave after wave of pleasure from this powerful little vibe. What differentiates this toy from other penis rings? Nine vibration patterns that cycle through while you both try your best to hold back. What we’re really saying is you need to order this vibrating penis ring yesterday.

Customer Reviews

Many customers say the bullet/penis ring combo is a winner:

“I could not believe how my wife reacted when I thrust into her and the vibrator pushed up against her clit. Each and every time she would let out a scream of pleasure.” – Pounding Hard

“WOW what can I say about this little treasure? GREAT GREAT GREAT! Gets me off right away every time.” – CincyGal72

“From the moment we started to the moment we finished it looked, felt, and sounded like she was enjoying one long orgasm!” – allstops

• 9 vibration modes keep things interesting.
• Gel ring holds the toy securely in place while he thrusts.
• Easy to clean

• Vibrations won’t be as intense as a full-sized vibe.

2. Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

Price: Luxury

Buy the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

Let us set the scene for you: She’s enjoying herself on the dance floor – really enjoying herself – because you both have a sexy secret. The reason for her new dance moves? A pocket-sized vibrator tucked inside her panties is synced to the music. The fun doesn’t end there: this panty vibe comes with a wireless remote so you can turn things up with the push of a button. Ordering dinner? She’ll have a big O. Watching a movie? The real show will be in the seat next to you.

Panty vibrators have become extremely popular sex toys for couples, allowing them to indulge in public play while remaining discreet. The Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh! is a great choice, with a design that hugs her lips and stimulates the clitoris. Whether you only use it at home or take the fun outside, this sex toy will quickly become a favorite.

Customer Reviews

Making her squirm on the dance floor may be naughty, but these customers had plenty of nice things to say about the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!:

“Great clit stimulation during foreplay. My dom controls the remote, I'm not allowed to touch it.” – TESSA

“Wife enjoyed it very much. Just need her to try it out in public then the fun will really begin.” – CHRISTOPHER

“I got to keep the remote and she got to be soaking wet for about 3 hours!” – Russ

• A compact design that hugs her hot spots
• Vibrations sync to music; 20-foot range for remote control play.
• 5 vibration modes

• A higher-priced sex toy (but think of the fun you’ll have!)

3. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bed Bondage System

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bed Bondage System

Price: Mid-Range

Buy the Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bed Bondage System

Curious about exploring bondage with your partner? The Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bed Bondage System is a good place to start. Setup is easy: the four nylon straps are compatible with any mattress and the Velcro cuffs are easy to remove when it’s time to change positions. This product allows you both to experiment with bondage in order to discover what you like.

Another selling point: unlike some bondage toys, these straps roll up for easy storage away from prying eyes. No need to worry about friends and neighbors seeing your setup.

Customer Reviews

Many customers found the Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bed Bondage System provided the perfect introduction to dominant and submissive play:

“Using these has been a huge turn-on and a lot of fun. Well worth the price!” – Naughty Librarian

“Very simple and she never has been restrained until now and loves it.” – Sundowneradn

“I used this on my friend with benefits and when I finally let his hands loose, he went wild! We had a great time. The straps don't hurt your hands and it is easy to set up.” – Maria

• Easy setup on any size mattress
• Soft cuffs are comfortable, even in the heat of the moment.
• Convenient, discreet storage

• Some customers would’ve preferred longer straps.

4. We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

Price: Luxury

Buy the We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

A combined G-Spot and clitoral vibe that can be used during sex, this couples’ vibrator has all the bells and whistles. The shape allows a woman to insert the narrow end while placing the topside over her clit. The wireless remote can start the vibrations before he slips inside for an intense erotic experience you’ll want to repeat again and again.

The We-Vibe Match Couples Massager is waterproof and can take shower sex to new heights. If you’re serious about exploring sex toys together, this people-pleaser is a smart choice.

Customer Reviews

A few kind words about the We-Vibe Match Couples Massager:

“Numerous vibration settings and really easy to use. Using while penetrating was amazing for us both!” – HBLocal75

“My wife was skeptical, but it worked VERY well! It stayed perfectly in place during intercourse.” – M&M

“This was fun to use alone or together.” – Dee

• Her G-Spot and clitoris are in for a wild ride.
• You can use it during intercourse.
• Easy to clean

• High price for a couples’ vibrator

5. Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

Price: Luxury

Buy the Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

Most furniture is not designed with sex in mind. Even the bed, the scene of so many of our wildest nights, doesn’t allow for much creativity. That’s why the people at Liberator began designing ramps and wedges tailor-made for all kinds of fun sex positions. Couples who want to elevate certain areas or enjoy hard-to-reach positions will find the Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo does the job nicely.

Lean over and rest your hips on this firm piece of sex furniture to allow for deeper vaginal or anal penetration or use it to make oral sex more convenient for both of you. The Liberator opens up plenty of absolutely orgasmic possibilities for couples to explore.

Customer Reviews

The Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo has received some of the most enthusiastic feedback of any couples’ sex toy on this list:

“Within a couple minutes of using the wedge in a couple different positions, my wife complimented me on my ‘great purchase’. She loved that, whether she was on it facing up or down, it automatically caused me to hit the spots she loves.” – Polyticus

“The way this elevates and supports my hips and neck allows me to keep my knees back to my shoulders very comfortably and gives easy, open access to my intimate parts.” – Oral addicted

“She was upset and then… Once My Love started to read the cardboard insert with the suggested positions..... Well, She changed her Opinion and we put it to Great use every chance We are together!” – Horny Old Man

• Makes it easy to try new positions and more comfortable to enjoy your favorite ones!
• Wedge can facilitate deeper penetration.
• Many larger or more mature customers appreciated the extra support.

• This incredible position aid may be outside the reach of many people’s budgets.

6. Adam & Eve Double Play Bullets

Adam & Eve Double Play Bullets

Price: Mid-Range

Buy the Adam & Eve Double Play Bullets

Bullet vibrators are known for stuffing a lot of pleasure into a small package, so imagine what you can do with two! The Adam & Eve Double Play Bullets are each controlled with the same remote. The 35-inch cords let both of you feel the good vibrations simultaneously (there are 20 vibe patterns to explore).

Lesbian couples can experience clitoral or vaginal stimulation together, increasing the vibrations until you both climax. Want to use this toy with your man? Keep the egg-shaped vibe on your clit while placing the bulb near the head of his penis—we think you’ll both be surprised at how well it works!

Customer Reviews

These bullets have doubled the fun for many customers:

“It's so soft and crazy vibration!!” – Lkm1001

“I love this bullet!!!! It’s so intense! My husband liked it too because it helps him get me to my big O very fast and multiple times!”
– Jess69

“It has a lot of different vibration rhythms to choose from and the cords are great length! Highly recommend!” – NaughtyCouple69

• Soft material feels great on your sensitive spots
• 20 vibration patterns you can both enjoy
• Extra-long cords make couples’ play a breeze.

• Cords can tangle if you’re not diligent about putting it away properly.

7. Smoothie 18” Double Dong

Smoothie 18” Double Dong

Price: Wallet-Friendly

Buy the Smoothie 18” Double Dong

A double-sided dildo is one of the most versatile sex toys out there. Women can use them together for dual vaginal penetration while men can push the boundaries of anal pleasure. Straight couples don’t have to sit on the sidelines: customers have used this extra-long double dong to fill many holes.

We like the Smoothie 18” Double Dong for a couple reasons. First, it’s made of a flexible jelly material ideal for adventures play. It’s also quite long with girth to match (about 1.5 inches). No matter your sexual preference, you’ll get your fill with this couples’ dildo.

Customer Reviews

Plenty of customers found creative uses for the Smoothie 18” Double Dong:

“We have a larger diameter dildo, but she says this one is ‘just right.’ For him - Never had one this big go in before, but with plenty of lube, it made its way and Wow! Must have hit my prostate just right 'cause I came quick!” – SexyCpl97

“Does what it should, wife loves it as much as I do. Great for pegging couples.” – Pegging Lover

“I love how this feels inside me. It goes so deep!!” – Deeplove

• Long and thick
• Plenty of possibilities for creative couples
• Easy to clean

• Some customers were looking for a more rigid shaft.

8. Clone-A-Willy Kit

Clone-A-Willy Kit

Price: Mid-Range

Buy the Clone-A-Willy Kit

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, creating a custom dildo based on his penis is high praise, indeed! Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or can’t get enough of a good thing, a clone of your partner’s member could be the perfect couples’ sex toy for you!

How’s it done? First, he inserts his hard penis into the molding mixture. Once every detail has been duplicated, he slides out and the hole is filled with liquid rubber. The end result? Every vein, bulge, and ridge is there on your own homemade dildo!

This sex toy is great fun for couples who spend a lot of time apart. Women can even “double up,” using the real thing and dildo for dual vaginal and anal penetration. A removable vibrator only adds to the fun. What’s in it for him? An erection immortalized in rubber!

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about the Clone-A-Willy Kit:

“I bought this a present for my girlfriend. I was planning to surprise her with my ‘Clone’. I followed the instruction and viewed many YouTube videos on how to do this correctly. It came out perfectly. I think I'm now out of a job that the Clone is now around more than me!” – Gunnar

“I love love love the finished product, and after you stick the vibe in it it kind of increases the girth, so it's like your man's penis, only slightly better.” – REBEKAH

“It was a lot a fun to make and the end result is fun.” – AMANDA

• A great option for long-distance relationships, including military couples
• Truly unique gift they won’t be expecting
• He’s going to be flattered.

• Make sure to follow the instructions because there’s definitely an art to creating a custom dildo!

9. Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

Price: Mid-Range

Buy the Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

Say the words “sex swing” and many people immediately think of drilling holes in the ceiling or losing the security deposit on their apartment. The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing puts these fears to rest with hooks that slide over the top of any bedroom door. The adjustable straps attach to stirrups and handles that can support you while exploring exciting new positions unhindered by gravity!

Sex swings make it possible to achieve deeper penetration and to hold positions for a longer amount of time. They’re also used in bondage and can be a great introduction to that fetish. Once you’re done having fun, you can unhook the swing and tuck it away out of sight.

Customer Reviews

Is this your first sex swing? Here’s what customers had to say about the Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing:

“Pros: Great swing! Really easy to set up and take down quick which is good for someone like me who has a bunch of kids in the house! The straps are thick and made right to hold a lot of weight! Cons: The only con is that i didnt buy it sooner!” – KAYLA

“It made the things I love easily accessible, while providing a thrilling new experience for her.” – Bigger than the average joe

“OMG!?????????????? Awesome product! I’m 38 and I never experienced sex like this! All the right spots were hit! Orgasm after Orgasm!” – TriniKitty

• Easy setup — no need to drill into your walls or ceiling
• Explore new sex positions from day one.
• Can be stowed away when not in use.

• It can take a fair amount of upper body strength to hold the most adventurous positions, but that’s the case with many sex swings.

10. Sex Therapy Kit

Sex Therapy Kit

Price: Mid-Range

Buy the Sex Therapy Kit

A one-stop shop for an erotic evening, the Sex Therapy Kit has all you need to heat things up: fur-lined handcuffs, a mini vibe, two candles for wax play, a penis ring, massage lotion, silken rose petals, and more. In short, you’re both going to have a good time. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other day of the week, this couples’ sex kit is stocked with enough toys to keep you busy all night.

Be advised that wax play can be dangerous, so please read the directions and use caution!

Customer Reviews

Here’s how people feel about the Sex Therapy Kit:

“Great kit to bring something new to the bedroom and fun!” – CRISTI

“Everything is so romantic, and sexy. Definitely spiced up my sex life!” – SexyNelli

“It really helped my husband and I get to know each other ALL over again and it’s amazing. Great if you want an excuse to get super sensual and steamy. I loved it.” – Saraababylove

• Everything you need for a romantic evening in bed
• A great value
• Good introduction to more adventurous play

• Some customers felt the handcuffs were small.

More Couples’ Sex Toys

The products above are among our most popular, but there are many more titillating toys to consider. Feeling adventurous? See all of our couples’ sex toys and find your favorite.

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