These anal toys are uniquely suited for backdoor beginners. Learn more about anal beads and how you can use them to explore your rear. 

Anal Beads

What are Anal Beads?

If you’re interested in trying anal toys or anal sex, then anal beads make a great starting point. These anal toys are essentially a series of multiple beads strung together. Anal beads “pop” into place, stimulating the super-sensitive nerves in your sphincter ring when they go in and when they come back out. (Try pulling them out right when you’re about to climax – you won’t believe how good they feel!) Once they’re in place, however, anal beads provide a nice full feeling while lightly rubbing against sensitive spots in the rear like the prostate for additional thrills.

Anal beads are generally made from soft, flexible material like silicone, TPE or TPR that bends easily. Each string usually contains anywhere from four to ten anal beads connected to a thinner cord. Most anal beads feature a graduated design. This means the anal beads at the tip start out very small and gradually grow larger as you move further down. Anal beads generally feature a finger ring at the base for safe use and easy removal.

While most anal beads are pretty basic, there are plenty of options for you to try. Some anal beads might have a built-in vibrator, some might glow in the dark, and some might even feature unusually shaped beads for extra stimulation.


Anal Beads and Anal Beginners
Anal beads are a great sex toy for anyone experimenting with anal play. Their graduated design allows you to easily adjust how you use anal beads to fit your experience level. Backdoor beginners can start with the first few beads as they slowly adjust to the unique sensations of anal play. After building up their experience, they can graduate to bigger and bigger anal beads until they conquer the entire string. Buying a single string of anal beads is a lot more affordable than picking up a new butt plug every time you need a bigger challenge.

Like any other anal toy, anal beads need to be used slowly and carefully. Make sure to fully lube yourself and the anal beads before using them.

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