These anal toys are uniquely suited for backdoor beginners. Learn more about anal beads and how you can use them to explore your rear. 

Anal Beads

What are Anal Beads & How Do You Use Them?

Are you interested in exploring anal toys or anal sex? Anal beads make a great starting point. These anal toys are just what they look like: a series of multiple beads strung together. Anal beads slide into your backdoor and “pop” into place, stimulating the super-sensitive nerves in your sphincter ring when they go in, and when they come back out. (Try pulling them out right when you’re about to climax – you won’t believe how good they feel!) You might also love the way anal beads feel while you keep them in place. Anal beads are great at giving you a nice full feeling while lightly stimulating your sensitive entrance and hot spots like the prostate.

Most anal beads are made from soft, flexible material like silicone, TPE, or TPR that bends easily. We asked certified sex therapist Dr. Jenni Sklyer, PhD, LMFT & CST, what she recommends. “Silicone is my personal preference,” she says. “It’s completely hypoallergenic, making it safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies.” She also praises the flexibility and smoothness of silicone toys.

Each string of anal beads contains anywhere from four to ten beads connected by a thinner cord or flexible stick. Most anal beads come in a graduated design. This means the anal beads at the tip start out smaller and grow larger and larger as you go along. Beginners may want to start out on the smaller side. “It really comes down to personal preference if an anal toy is the right size for you,” says Dr. Jenni. A flared or finger ring base is also very important. This security feature prevents anal beads and other anal toys from sliding too far inside you and possibility getting stuck. “The anus has amazing suction capacity,” Dr. Jenni warns. “A flared base prevents this from happening.” The flared base or finger ring also makes it easier to control the insertion and removal of your anal beads.

While most anal beads follow tried-and-true classic designs, there are plenty of options for you to try. Some anal beads might have a built-in vibrator, some might glow in the dark, and some might even feature unusually shaped beads for extra stimulation.

How to Use Anal Beads

S & M Silicone Anal Beads

Nervous about making the jump to anal beads? Don’t be. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on how to use anal beads:

  1. Prepare. Before you play, make sure to use the bathroom. Do whatever it takes to get yourself relaxed and in the mood. For some, this may mean a hot bath or shower, or a session with their other favorite toys to amp up arousal.

  2. Add lube, warm up, and stretch. Add a generous coating of anal lubricant onto one of your fingers or the tip of your anal beads. Relax your anal entrance with a little massage or vibration first. When you feel ready, gently insert a finger or the first bead or two. If that feels good, try gentle push-pull and swirling motions to help you relax, stretch, and warm up for more.

  3. Insert the anal beads. Apply more lube, if needed, and slowly insert your anal beads one at a time. Let yourself adjust to the feeling of fullness between each bead. Big, deep breaths can help you relax and enjoy.

  4. Get moving. Once fully inserted, try sliding each bead out and back in again. As they pop in and out, they give your sensitive backdoor an incredible natural massage that’s so stimulating. Now is a great time to bring in other kinds of stimulation, too.

  5. Explore more sexy possibilities. There's a lot of fun things you can do with anal beads besides just wearing them. Here are few suggestions:

    • Pop out your anal beads just before/during your orgasm. Go one at a time to boost sensation, prolong the pleasure, and take your big “O” to new levels of ecstasy. The timing can be tricky, but the results are worth it.

    • Share the fun with a partner. Most anal bead beginners practice on their own at first, but anal beads feel so intense when you share the experience! Let your lover take over controlling the speed and movements of the beads, or wear the beads during sex for amplified sensations.

    • Heat or cool your anal beads for heart-racing temperature play. Warm or cool your anal beads in a hot or cold water bath and feel rear-rocking hot thrills and cool chills. Note that you’ll need glass or stainless steel beads for this, as those kinds of anal beads hold onto temperature best.

  6. Remove your anal beads. Finished playing? Slowly slide the beads out one at a time. It’s good to have a container or towel on hand to hold onto your beads after use. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after every play session.

Anal Beads & Anal Beginners

Anal beads are a great sex toy for anyone experimenting with anal play. Their graduated design allows you to easily adjust how you use anal beads to fit your experience level. Backdoor beginners can start with the first few beads as they slowly adjust to the unique sensations of anal play. After building up their experience, you can graduate to bigger and bigger anal beads until you conquer the entire string. Buying a single string of anal beads is a lot more affordable than picking up a new butt plug every time you need a bigger challenge.

Types of Anal Beads

When you go shopping, you might notice a few different styles of anal beads. Here’s the inside scoop on all the the great types of anal beads you can order:

  • Anal Bead Strings. Also known as classic anal beads, these beads are connected by very flexible or bendable strings that make the beads extra comfortable to wear. Longer stringed sections between each bead also make it easier to take on one bead at a time.

  • Adam & Eve Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads
  • Anal Bead Wands. Instead of a super-flexible string or cord, they’re connected by a firmer wand or stick that keeps your beads all in a neat row. Anal bead wands are often easier to insert and remove, but may also be less comfortable than anal bead strings.

  • Vibrating Anal Beads. These beads intensify the sensations of your anal play by adding in vibration. Choose from straightforward single-speed vibrating beads or powerful multi-speed options.

Do Anal Beads Hurt?

Anal beads should never cause you pain. But beginners may notice new sensations of penetration and fullness as they insert and wear anal beads. Like any other anal toy, anal beads need to be used slowly and carefully. Always make sure to fully lube yourself and the anal beads before using them. If play ever becomes painful, stop.

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