Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls

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Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls

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Hidden Magnetic Balls Thrill You Anytime, Any Place!

No one knows you're enjoying the subtle to great arousing pleasure of Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Gently pop them into the vagina and hold them in by flexing your kegel muscles for a wild workout!

Since they're magnetic, your Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls stay together.

The improved tone and focus on your pelvic muscles means improved sexual health –– and bigger than ever orgasms later! Imagine how surprised he'll be when your buff kegels "grab" his erection!

The funny thing is, no one knows you're wearing Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Start by wearing them at home while relaxing or doing small chores. You'll feel more in touch with your body as you go along. Later, during sex or masturbation you'll notice your toned pelvic floor muscles come in handy for bigger orgasms!

•    Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls
•    You can use one ball or both
•    Magnetism keeps balls attached to each other
•    Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for better orgasms, improves bladder control
•    For vaginal play only
•    Waterproof
•    1.18" diameter, 2.1 ounces each
•    Made from magnetic hemitite
•    Can be used with your favorite lube

Based on the ancient Asian ben-wa balls of yore, and popularized in erotic fiction like Fifty Shades Of Grey, your Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls stay together because of their magnetism.

The balls are waterproof. Clean with warm soap and water, rinse and pat dry. When you're done wearing them, squat and cough to release Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls on command.

Adam & Eve recommends Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls to women who want to develop their vaginal muscles for better orgasms and added pleasure during intercourse and masturbation.

Brand Nasstoys
Colors Black
Features Kegel Exercise
Material Metal

(200) 4 stars out of 5

5 stars out of 5
97 people reviewed this product at 5 stars
4 stars out of 5
55 people reviewed this product at 4 stars
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5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Pros: Good weight. Definitely worked to tighten things up. Cons: Easy to get a very painful pinch if inserted one at a time, do not try to insert the balls one at a time.

MARINA - 6/15/2017

awesome pair

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

These balls had the strongest magnet I have experienced. Felt great inside and would very much recommend it. Bigger than traditional kegel balls.

rilya marr - 6/18/2013

Not super big but HEAVY

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Good size, really good weight, and super strong magnetism, helps with removing them and making sure one doesn't get lost

Anonymous - 11/11/2017

So great

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Omg I swear these magnets were amazing My boyfriend got them for me and damn I had to basically cough like a dinosaur to pop them out but hey they are big for me I have some to my mom for chritsmas

Anonymous - 9/9/2013

Amazing balls

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

I love these balls. I got them maybe a couple of weeks ago, and have been wearing them at home, running errands, going to the coffee shop.. they are SO easy to wash, as opposed to some variety I have tried before that had beads within a silicone housing. I love how they simple they are, my vagina loves when I put them in. The magnet is really strong, and I haven't had any issues with them coming a... Read more

Senseightsex - 10/17/2021

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Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls
Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls