Sex swings let you experience new positions & sensations. First swing? Here are Adam & Eve’s tips for adventurous couples.

How to Use a Sex Swing

Nothing screams fun & active sex life like a sex swing!

Long viewed as the ultimate sex toy for kinky couples, sex swings allow you to experience the exhilarating feel of flying through the air while having sex at the same time. It’s a truly breathtaking experience that everyone should try at least once. Sex swings are also perfect for trying difficult sex positions. They provide extra support and leverage so you can bend and twist into all kinds of Kama Sutra-style poses that would otherwise require years of yoga lessons.

“Sex swings can be intimidating if you've never tried one before—but they’re super simple to use and offer a variety of benefits to couples,” said Seattle Pacific University Adjunct Professor Brittany Steffen, MS, LMFT. “You can introduce the idea of a swing to your partner by sharing the benefits—trying something adventurous and new together, and the opportunity to experience a variety of new positions WITHOUT the need for physical athleticism.”

Door Sex Swings

When you’re shopping for a sex swing, there are generally two main types: door swings & ceiling swings. Like their name suggests, door sex swings are made to hang over your door. This makes them easy to set up and take down. They’re also more discreet since there’s no hook in your ceiling to give your secret away. Door swings tend to be smaller as well, which makes them easier to store.

On the other hand, door swings can make a lot of noise when you’re using them. Since you’re having sex up against the door, it can sound like someone banging on it. They can be harder to use than ceiling swings, and they don’t support nearly as much weight.

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is a great example. Kayla wrote in a product review: “Really easy to set up and take down quick which is good for someone like me who has a bunch of kids in the house!”

Ceiling Sex Swings

Ceiling swings are made to be hung overhead, usually from a ceiling, but a few have a special stand that you could use instead. Ceiling swings can support a lot of weight (as long as they’re installed correctly) and are often easier to climb into and use. They don’t generate a lot of noise either… as long as you don’t count all the moaning!

On the other hand, these swings are harder to set up. The initial installation requires some handyman skills. And then you’ll still need a ladder or chair every time you hang it up or take it down. Ceiling swings also tend to be bulkier and heavier, which makes them harder to store. Their biggest downside, however, is the empty hook sticking out of your ceiling. That can be a dead giveaway, no matter how carefully you hide your swing.

The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing is Adam & Eve’s most popular ceiling swing with over 10,000 sold. It’s gotten dozens of 5-star reviews from happy couples.

Setting Up a Door Sex Swing

If you’ve got a door swing, then you can set up and start using it in just minutes.

First, you’ll need a sturdy interior door that stays closed and won’t pop open if jostled. Solid core doors are preferable, but hollow core ones can work just fine. (Not sure if you’ve got a hollow or solid door? You can usually tell the difference just by knocking on the door.)

Next, your door swing should have a pair of straps with some sort of anchor on the end. These straps go over the top of the door with the anchor hanging down a few inches on the other side.

Shut the door firmly, making sure the straps didn’t slip out of place. Then lock your door with a deadbolt or even a simple privacy lock. This helps secure the door and makes sure you don’t accidentally open it.

Last, give it a firm tug to make sure it’s secure and can support your weight before trying to use your sex swing.

Setting Up a Ceiling Sex Swing

Before installing your ceiling sex swing you’ll need to examine its mounting system. Some swings use a single hook or eyebolt, while others might require two. When you’re buying the hardware, make sure it can support at least 300 pounds or more to accommodate your weight and the extra strain generated by movement. Try to find hardware with a white finish to blend in with your ceiling. On top of the mounting hardware, you’ll also need a ladder or sturdy chair, a stud finder and a drill.

First, identify exactly where you want your sex swing to go. There should be plenty of clearance around the area. You don’t want to bump your head on a wooden dresser!

Next, grab your stud finder and the ladder or chair. Use the stud finder to find a ceiling joist as close to your preferred area as possible. Carefully mark the center of the ceiling joist so you know where to drill. If your sex swing hangs from two points, you’ll need to use it as a template so you don’t drill in the wrong spots.

Then, grab a small bit and drill a pilot hole in the spots you just marked. Then simply screw your hooks or eyebolts into the holes and hang your sex swing.

Last of all, give it a few firm tugs to make sure it can support your weight before actually trying to use it.

Setting Up a Ceiling Swing with a Handyman

If your home improvement skills aren’t up to installing a sex swing, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of people in your local area that should be able to do it. Just look online or chat with your neighbors to find a skilled general handyman. Tell them you want to install a hanging chair in your bedroom, and you need a hook or eyebolt in the ceiling that can hold several hundred pounds. This is common enough that they’ll never know the hook is really for a sex swing.

How to Use a Sex Swing in a Few Easy Steps

Good news – the hard part is behind you, and it’s time to use your new sex swing. Start by climbing into it. Exactly how you do that depends on your particular swing, so you better have those instructions handy! Some sex swings might have a seat for you or a sling that you can lie on. Others might have straps that attach around your waist and upper thighs, almost like you were climbing a rock wall.

After climbing into your swing, your next step depends on its features and capabilities. Some might have stirrups for your feet. Others might have handholds you can grip. There are even bondage sex swings that come with built-in restraints. The best thing you can do is try a few features and see which work best for you and your lover.

The Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing, for example, includes a swivel hook so you can spin your partner in a circle. And the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing comes with built-in restraints for kinky thrills.

“Because the swing supports the weight of one partner, you’ll have access to a world of new positions that would typically require a ton of strength and stamina,” Adjunct Professor Brittany Steffen said. “You can use the swing for oral sex, massage, or penetrative sex—the options are limitless!”

Expert Tips & Tricks

Some sex swings come with mounting hardware, but these are usually plastic pieces. Swap them out for metal alternatives at your local home improvement store. The metal ones are much more durable and can handle more weight.

The more padding the better! When you’re hanging from one or two nylon straps, they can really dig into your skin – especially if you’re packing a few extra pounds. You can use the wrap-around insulation for pipes to add some padding to your swing if needed. This can make it much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Many sex swings come with position guides. These might be as simple as pictures on the box or an illustrated booklet. They’re a great how-to guide for using your sex swing. And after you’ve tried all those positions, you can create some of your own!

Did you know you can bounce in a ceiling sex swing? Most ceiling swings hang from springs for a truly weightless experience as you move up and down. It feels even more fun than it sounds! Get your bounce on with the Trinity Sex Swing.

“Sex swings also bring an element of bondage and power dynamics to the experience, as the standing partner is in complete control of the movement of the suspended and bound partner,” added Adjunct Professor Brittany Steffen.

Using a Sex Swing as a Position Aid

Sex swings make fantastic position aids because they provide essential support without stressing your joints. This makes them extremely effective for people with mobility issues due to weight or age. If you’re not as flexible as you used to be, you can continue enjoying your favorite sex positions for years to come with a little help from a sex swing.

When reviewing the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing, Midnight Sun noted: “I'm 60 and was looking for fun and exercise, this is the ticket. Helps with moving body parts and fun with a friend. Never too old to try new things and this chair is loads of fun and a great workout.”

After You’ve Finished Using Your Sex Swing

Once you’re done, climb carefully out of the swing. Don’t be afraid to ask your lover for a little help… especially if you’re feeling a little light-headed or weak in the knees from the awesome sex you just had!

Next, you’ll need to clean up your swing. Depending on what it’s made from (and just how wild you got), this could be as simple as wiping it down with a wet cloth. Or you might need to spray it with a fabric cleaner first.

Once it’s clean and dry, you can take the sex swing down from the door or ceiling and hide it in a discreet location until next time. If you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it, you could just leave it up so it’s ready to go. Take good care of it, and you’ll be swinging for many nights to come!