There are few things more clueless than a guy trying to buy lingerie for the first time. Learn what you need to know about buying lingerie for your lady so you don’t end up in the dog house. 


The Clueless Guy's Guide to Buying Lingerie

Buying lingerie for women is one of the hardest things a guy can do. It’s right up there with asking that special someone out for the first time or trying to find the correct feminine hygiene product.

It seems that lingerie is designed to be as confusing as possible for men. There are numbers and letters that don’t make sense. Some lingerie pieces look the same but have different names. And there are at least 10 different shades of blue you’ve never heard of before. Of course you can save yourself a lot of personal embarrassment and a panic attack by doing one simple thing before trying to buy lingerie: raid her panty drawer.

A woman's panty drawer is like one big cheat sheet when it comes to buying lingerie. It has all the information you could possibly want – provided you know what you’re looking for in the first place. There are four key things you need to figure out before trying to buy lingerie.

Her Lingerie Size
The absolute worst mistake you can make when buying lingerie is getting things that are too big for her. Check multiple pieces as sizes can vary from one lingerie label to another. Make sure they’re pieces she’s worn recently. You don’t want to pick up an old piece that no longer fits her by mistake! And be sure to write everything down. All those numbers and letters can be confusing, and you don’t want to spend the next month on the couch if you get something wrong.

Her Personal Taste in Lingerie
Does she favor tight-fitting pieces like corsets or chemises or looser items like baby dolls? When you're shopping, pick something she already likes and wears instead of trying to stuff her into some fetish corset you saw in a porno movie.

Her Favorite Colors
If she favors one or two colors, then you should probably stick with those instead of something that matches your favorite football jersey. Take your color cues from her wardrobe instead of her panty drawer. Good lingerie deserves to be shown off and not hidden.

Lingerie Fabric and Material
Does she wear a lot of lace? Does she go for fishnet or something soft and sheer? Stick with things she likes, and she’s more likely to actually wear the lingerie you buy.

After doing your research, you should have a pretty good idea of what type of lingerie you should buy for your woman. Just remember not to buy her anything with the words “control” or “reducing” in the label!

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