Did you know that certain types of lubes can damage sex toys and vibrators? Using the wrong sex lube isn’t quite as bad as crossing the streams, but it could still ruin your favorite sex toy. Learn which lubes and sex toys are compatible and which aren’t to avoid making a costly mistake. 

Finding the Best Lube for Sex Toys

How to Find the Best Lube for Sex Toys

When you’re shopping for sex toys and vibrators, it’s easy to forget little things like lube and batteries. But sex lubes are much more important than you might realize. Sex lubes keep everything running smoothly and comfortably, whether you’re using a male masturbator or a dildo. In fact, lubes are an absolute necessity when it comes to many sex toys, including anal beads, butt plugs, strokers and more. Using certain kinds of lube will protect your sex toys and vibrators from damage and increase their lifespan. Picking the right sex lube can even enhance your sex toy’s effectiveness and your personal experience.

You do need to be careful when you’re using lube with your favorite sex toy. Combining some sex lubes and materials can actually damage your sex toy’s durability or even melt it. The chart below shows different types of sex lubes and their compatibility with sex toy materials.


Lube Types Sex Toy Compatibility
Water-based Sex Lubes Safe to use with all sex toy materials
Oil-based Sex Lubes Do not use with sex toys made from rubber, PVC or latex
Silicone-based Sex Lubes Do not use with silicone sex toys
Hybrid Sex Lubes (contain water & silicone) Compatibility varies.
Check product label and manufacturer recommendations.


If you’re not exactly sure what material your sex toy is made from, then it’s best to play it safe and stick to a water-based sex lube. The water-based lube might not feel as smooth as silicone-based lubes and it might not last as long as oil-based lubes but at least it won’t damage your sex toy.

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