Anal sex isn’t something you can just jump into – at least if you want to do it the right way. Click here to learn about how to have anal sex safely and comfortably.

How to Have Anal Sex

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

You’ve talked about having anal sex with your partner. You’ve been using fingers and anal toys for the past few weeks to prepare for anal sex. And now you’re finally ready to have anal sex. Here’s what you need to know about taking the final plunge.


1. Talk It Over With Your Partner
After deciding you want to have anal sex, it’s crucial that you talk about it with your partner and make sure they’re on board. Talk with them about your reasons for wanting to try anal sex and how it can even be beneficial. Make sure that they’re familiar with the facts about anal sex, and they’re not confusing any rumors or misconceptions with the truth. You can always offer to try one of your partner’s fantasies if they’ll play along with you on trying anal.


2. Order Several Bottles of Anal Lube
Lube is an absolute necessity for anal. While the vagina produces its own natural lube, the anus is bone dry so you have to supply an alternative. Be sure to pick up a lube made specifically for anal. Anal lubes are generally thicker than usual, allowing them to thoroughly coat all surfaces. This allows for smoother, safer and more comfortable penetration.


3. Make Sure You're Prepared
Anal sex shouldn't be a spontaneous decision. If you want to do it right, you'll need to spend at least two weeks or so preparing for it. Your anal sex preparations should include a little anal fingering and some anal toy play as well to prepare your body for the full experience of anal sex. Even adult stars spend a few days using butt plugs and other toys before an anal sex scene.


4. Cleanliness is Key
Before anything goes into your backdoor (even a finger) make sure all your parts are clean – inside and out.  Use the bathroom beforehand and wipe thoroughly. You might want to use a little soap and water to make sure that you’re as clean as possible.


5. Warm Up
Just like you stretch before exercising, you need to “warm up” before having anal sex. Get out your favorite lube, preferably one designed specifically for anal sex. Place some lube on your fingers and apply it to the outside of the anus. Apply some more to your finger and then gently insert it into your anus and carefully spread it around. There’s no such thing as too much anal lube. Then, gently insert another finger or anal sex toy and start clenching and releasing it. Remember to relax, breathe and take it easy.


6. Take a Deep Breath And…
Once you’re warmed up, then it’s time for the main event. You can have anal sex in multiple positions, but your first time will be more comfortable if you’re on top. This allows you to control the speed, depth and duration. So climb on top of your partner and position his tip at your anus. Take a deep breath and slowly press down until he slips inside your backdoor. Your partner might need to support his shaft to keep it in position. Once the tip is in take a moment, breathe and continue to relax. It can take a few moments to get used to the sensation so don’t rush it. Once you’re ready, start off with slow and gentle movements to give your body time to adjust.

If it doesn’t feel good or starts hurting at any point, then stop.


7. Afterwards
Anal to vaginal contact can spread bacteria and cause health problems so make sure your partner scrubs thoroughly after having anal sex.