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Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator

  (39) 3.70000004768372 stars out of 5 Reviews

Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator

(39) 3.70000004768372 stars out of 5 Reviews

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This Vibrating Hi-Tech Kegel Exerciser Does All The Work! Just Pop In & Play!

Tone Up With Tiny E-Tingles + Your G-Spot Enjoys 7 Modes Of Vibration!

Your E-Stimulator Purchase Is Protected By Adam & Eve's Special Guarantee.

This exciting new innovation in internal e-stimulation can help you achieve stronger Kegels for better sex, better health and more solo satisfaction. It can also vibrate, making your G-Spot so happy, too. And, yes, your tingly Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator can do both at the same time –– with its remote control up to 32 feet away!

  • Remote controlled e-stimulator Kegel exerciser & internal vibrator
  • Zinc-alloy stimulator pads automatically tone & strengthen pelvic muscles responsible for arousal and O's
  • Select from 5 gentle levels of electro-stimulation, 7 functions of vibration
  • Kegel Stimulator is 3 inches long, 1.25 inches wide, with flexible 4 inch retrieval cord
  • Both exerciser & remote are USB rechargeable, 1 hour charge, up to 2 hours play
  • 3-button remote works from up 32 feet away, perfect for partner play, too
  • Travel lock feature
  • Made from silky smooth silicone, nickel-free zinc alloy, ABS plastic
  • Waterproof, use with water based lubes or gels

How E-Stimulation Works

E-Stimulation is based on the same principle found in electronic muscle trainers worn by  athletes for strengthening muscles. Very small, low-level shocks are gently emitted by a pair of non-tarnishing, nickel-free zinc alloy stimulator pads. It's...tingly! Your Kegels will respond in kind by relaxing and expanding, building up their strength as they automatically strengthen, tighten and tone up.

Add 7 Functions Of Vibration To Your Kegel Workout!

This waterproof wonder lets you rock your inner world with 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation & escalation –– all with a remote control, so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride!

The Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator 's electro-Stimulation technology uses electric pulses to automatically strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles responsible for sexual arousal and intense O's. The sleek 3 button control pad lets you enjoy frustration-free control, or hand it to your lover for all kinds of games...up to 32 feet away.

Strategically placed zinc alloy electro-stim pads gently pulse to intensify sensation and pleasure. Try them on your fingers first, a finger on each pad. The "tingle" can be gently escalated with independent electro pulse functions on the remote.

Why Are Strong Kegels Important?

Your Kegels are those amazing internal muscles a woman can control to hold on to a lover's erection. Part of your pelvic floor, strong Kegels help you become aroused and have bigger and more intense O's. (On another practical level, strong Kegels come in handy when you need to pee but have to hold it in longer than planned, like on long car trips.)

To get started on your electro-stim adventure, squeeze the round button on the end of the flexible retrieval cord until it lights up, about 3 seconds. Then pick up the remote and press the lightning bolt button for your first level of e-stim. Click further to explore all 5 levels. For those good, good, good vibrations, press the button in the middle to explore the 7 function menu. To shut off the unit instantly, press the power button below the middle button for about 3 seconds.

Experience full-body stimulation with this silky vibrator's 7 functions of vibration and 5 independently controlled e-stim functions. It's water proof, so play anywhere your mood takes you.

The Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator is recommended for adventurous women seeking to boost their pleasure in bed while strengthening their pelvic floor muscles at the same time. Now that's mixing good sexual health with pleasure!

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Batteries No batteries required
Brand Cal Exotics
Colors Purple
Features Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Kegel Exercise, Multiple Speeds, Remote Control, Travel Lock
Material Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Power Source Rechargeable

(39) 3.70000004768372 stars out of 5

5 stars out of 5
18 people reviewed this product at 5 stars
4 stars out of 5
9 people reviewed this product at 4 stars
3 stars out of 5
1 people reviewed this product at 3 stars
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4 people reviewed this product at 2 stars
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7 people reviewed this product at 1 stars
Works for strengthening pelvic floor

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

I chose this device mainly because it's an estim device. Within a few days of using this device I noticed an improvement of my ability to fight stress incontinence and urge incontinence that has plagued me for many years. When you have it on the e-stimulation mode you feel the muscle contractions immediately. You must start each session on it's low setting then increase as you get comfortable wit... Read more

SexyLady36 - 8/7/2019

Great buy....

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Took it out. Charged it, popped it in and buzzztabulous!!

Gmoney - 7/18/2019

Stronger Kegel

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Great to use 6+ month after having a baby. Helps with sexual life and urine control.

LoveNipplePlay - 7/9/2020


5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Bought this for my wife and the results are amazing, she definitely has a new favorite toy.

Jb - 7/13/2019

Best product ever

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

I can say there’s nothing like the feelings that this product gives your inner beauty spots . It’s a must have toy

Tac - 1/7/2020

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Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator both pieces
Impulse Remote Kegel E-Stimulator