First Time Triple Love Balls

First Time Triple Love Balls

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Extra Long For Extra Orgasmic Intensity!

Test your climax potential with this string of 3 ABS weighted love balls! Most love balls stop at two, but this string gives you a third ball for thigh-quaking pleasure. Easily insert the velvety-coated love balls, squeeze, and move to feel the weights roll and give you a natural erotic massage! Great for kegel exercises. Easy removal TPU cord.

• String of 3 weighted love balls
• In lavender color
• Made from firm ABS
• Velvety-smooth PU coating
• String is 11 ½” total length
• Each ball is 1” wide
• Balanced weights inside each ball for natural massage
• Great for working kegel muscles
• Includes a looped TPU retrieval cord

Whether it’s your first time experimenting with love balls or you’ve just worn out your last set, you owe it to your orgasm to take a look at the First Time Triple Lover Love Balls! Made by the professionals at California Exotic Novelties, these hot love balls have been extended – instead of a set of two love balls, you’ll get a string of 3! Each of these love balls contains its own balanced weight that rocks and rolls with your every movement for amazing internal massage.

To use, just grab your favorite sex lube and these triple love balls. Start with just one, then two, or go right for all 3 love balls at once. Each of the love balls on this hot sex toy is velvety-smooth for easy insertion. Enjoy the natural stimulation as you move or shake. Since there’s an entire extra ball on this hot sex toy, you get that much more stimulation. These love balls are perfect for use during masturbation, foreplay, kegel strengthening – even as a naughty addition to household chores!

Removing your First Time Triple Lover Love Balls is easy with the TPU retrieval loop. Wash your love balls with antibacterial soap and water or sex toy cleaner. This discreet sex toy great for travel, or for use in conjunction with other sex toys like clitoral vibrators.

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Cal Exotics, First Time
Kegel Exercise
11.5 inches
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Best thing I've bought yet! Submitted 5/17/2012
Wife loved them! She came when putting them in and kept her on that high for a long time! Once we get a little more experience we will be upgrading. Great for beginners!!!
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the cord on the end rubbed me raw Submitted 7/11/2012
it was the first time using any type of balls they felt good and used them around several people and that made it very interesting. when removing them and inserting the hard plastic pinches and the cord on the end at the hook rubbed me raw and splayed my clitoris. we purchased them after reading 50 shades books.overall we liked them but the cord was very painful would order a different kind with a different cord.
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pretty good Submitted 5/31/2012
while her first ben wa balls were slightly bigger these are very nice only slightly smaller but have 3 balls instead of 2. clean up is also much nicer as the old ones were on string and the silicon linking these seems much more sanitary.
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wow Submitted 9/6/2012
Wow!! These are the perfect secret stimulator. They are easy to put in and comfortable. Some people say they are loud but i dont hear any noise. I wear them all day and during foreplay and then let my husband pull them out. I was tighter after wearing them only twice. Definitely 5 stars!!!!
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anonymous Submitted 5/30/2012
Was so looking forward to using these. A little dissappointed in the weight and size. Even for a beginner, they are a little small and light. I will keep searching for a heavier ben-wa ball.
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First time use Submitted 6/2/2012
Great quality and texture, my only suggestion is that they could be slightly heavier.
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Confirmed purchaser
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/3/2017
Pros: Prefect size, wish they made some with more "balls" on it. My wife enjoys me putting them in and slowly pulling them out multiple times until she creams. If there were more balls on it the less times I would have to reinsert them, which in exchange should get her off faster. But "all in all" it has done what was expected.
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Too small and light Submitted 6/26/2012
Must blame myself for not taking heed to the "first time" thing. I was so attracted by the three ball aspect with the string. If they had the 3 ball with heavier and bigger balls that would probably be amazing.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Ben Wa Submitted 8/14/2017
This is my first time purchasing Ben wa balls. I already I know how to hold my legal muscles. I heard about the health benefits so I gave it a go and I love it!
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like all day sex Submitted 11/28/2012
I got these for very dear friend. she says it feels like haveing a man stuck in there. she wore them the whole day and climaxed just removing them
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