Vibrators are a woman’s best friend, and the sex toy most likely to make her orgasm. Learn more about vibrators and what you need to know before buying one.


What are Vibrators?

When most people hear the word vibrator, the first thing that comes to mind is a 5-inch piece of plastic that rattles around on a table or in a drawer while making a loud buzzing sound. But that doesn’t even come close to telling the whole story.

Vibrators today came in a wide range of shapes, sizes and strengths. You can find mini vibes the size of your fingernail and jumbo vibes the size of your arm. There are vibrators shaped like penises for realistic fun and others shaped like common household items from lipstick to rubber ducks. And there are special purpose vibrators designed for fun on the road or for couples to use together.

All vibrators, however, have at least one thing in common – a stimulating motor. This motor generates a shaking or throbbing sensation that causes the entire sex toy to vibrate. And those vibrations are ideal for sexual stimulation. Many women actually experience their first orgasm with a vibrator instead of a sexual partner. Some vibes are so powerful they can cause women to have multiple orgasms. Even men tend to have a longer and more intense orgasm when they use a vibrator, whether they’re buzzing their balls or prostate.  

Vibrators are especially beneficial for women who have problems reaching an orgasm. Many vibrators are designed specifically to target a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zones – namely her clit, vagina or G-Spot – for maximum stimulation. The intense power of a vibrator makes it easier for a woman to bridge the gap between sexual pleasure and having an orgasm. Vibrators also help you learn about your body to make having an orgasm easier in the future – even if you run out of batteries for your vibrator!

While most people still use vibrators for masturbation, there are many other uses for vibrators. Bullet and egg vibrators can enhance other sex toys and make them even more fun. Many couples use vibrators during foreplay to help set the mood the easier. Some couples’ vibrators are designed to be used during sex for mutual pleasure. And wand massagers are just as good at giving neck and back rubs as they are at clitoral stimulation.

Vibrators aren’t just for masturbation either. Many couples use them during foreplay. The intense and direct stimulation from a vibrator is a fast and easy way to get your partner in the mood. Some vibes are designed specifically for couples to use while having sex. And even basic vibrators can give excellent massages.

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