Key by Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set Features


Discover The Key To Killer Orgasms!

Enjoy a natural sensual massage, work your kegel muscles, and strengthen your orgasms! Each silicone ball in the Key By Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set contains a weight that rolls as you move—for wicked pleasure and improved orgasmic strength and potential. Graduated triple ball design starts off small and ends with satisfying thickness.

•    Key By Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set
•    Luxurious 9.25” triple kegel ball toy
•    Made from body safe silicone
•    Graduated design starts small and gets bigger
•    Ball one: 1.15” x 1”
•    Ball two: 1.5” x 1.25”
•    Ball three: 1.65” x 1.5”
•    Rolling weights inside provide natural massage
•    Ultra-smooth surface feels so good
•    6” insertable length
•    3.4oz total weight
•    Balls can be removed from holder
•    Safety retrieval loop

Advanced kegel connoisseurs, rejoice! The toy you’ve been dreaming of is finally here. Satisfy your deepest kegel desires with the Key By Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set. This long string of 3 kegel balls is the perfect way to train your vaginal muscles to perfection.

To use, just add a drop or two of water-based lube to this kegel toy’s smooth silicone surface. Begin by easing the first and smallest ball into your vagina. Stay there, or proceed to the middle ball. Already a kegel expert? Then insert the Key By Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set all the way! But wait – would you rather only use one or two balls at a time? You can. Pop the removable balls out of the silicone holder and insert them into your vagina. (Just squat down and use fingers to remove.)

Once inside, use your inner muscles to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze around these kegel balls – just like you would with your favorite types of Ben Wa Balls! Keep putting the squeeze on these balls as you move, do chores, or even wear them as you masturbate. As you move around, the rolling weights inside the balls will have you aroused by a subtle, natural massage.

Clean your Key By Jopen Stella III Kegel Ball Set with mild soap and water or Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Sex Toy Cleaner.

Since these kegel balls are made of silicone, avoid using them with silicone lubricants. Store separately from other silicone sex toys.

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Waterproof, Multiple Vibrations, Flexible




8.5 inches


1.75 inches




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