Get the inside scoop on the hottest sex toys around with this kinky shopping guide! Dr. Jenni picked a wide selection of adult goodies designed to satisfy all types and interests. Click here to find out what's on your partner's Christmas list... and maybe find something for yourself too! 

Sexy Holiday Gift Guide

Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

'Tis the season for showing your love, and no one knows more about that than Adam & Eve! This year we joined forces with our sexpert Dr. Jenni to make shopping for your lover easier than ever this holiday season. Dr. Jenni has some great tips and gift ideas for couples at any stage of their relationship. Find out your type and make this a very merry Kinkmas!

Merry, Merry Romancers

If you dream about cuddling with your special someone in front of a roaring fire, then you’re in the right place. Merry, Merry Romancers are couples who want to embrace their inner passion and spend more time together. These couples tend to be creatures of comfort, seeking out sensual accessories that amplify their ambiance. Our sexpert Dr. Jenni personally picked a diverse selection of sensual massage oils, sexy lingerie, sex toys for couples and more just for you. “These products are for couples who want to give the gift of love,” explained Dr. Jenni. “This category is for those who want to offer their lover a sweet and sensual experience. Many of the items are ideal for foreplay as well as spicing up your sex life."

See Dr. Jenni’s exclusive selection for Merry, Merry Romancers HERE!

New Year Novelty Seekers

If you find yourself sick of the same old routine and eager to try something new, now’s the perfect time to start experimenting! New Year Novelty Seekers are branching out sexually and expanding their horizons. It might be bondage. It might be anal. Or it could be something completely different. Our resident sexpert Dr. Jenni selected several kinky and unique items to help you find something different to spark your sexual desires. “These toys are for couples who want to insert novelty and mystery into their sex life,” Dr. Jenni said. “Take a few steps outside the box this season and consider some fresh, new options. These couples tend to be adventure-seekers who get hot and horny with all things new, novel, and spontaneous!”

See Dr. Jenni’s exclusive selection for New Year Novelty Seekers HERE!

Seasoned Kinksters

If you’re interested in getting down and kinky, then Adam & Eve has some wild and crazy products for you! Seasoned kinksters are people who have tried a wide variety of sexual activities, and they’re ready to graduate to the next level and experience more intense thrills. Our sexpert Dr. Jenni personally selected some of our wildest items for you to explore. “’Tis the season of kinky fun for couples who work hard and play hard,” Dr. Jenni explained. “These toys/accessories will take your play to the next level of alternative fun. These couples are driven go-getters, craving the intensity of a kinkier sexual experience.”

See Dr. Jenni’s exclusive selection for Seasoned Kinksters HERE!