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Casual Sex Facts
Hooking Up: Casual Sex Facts

You're not the only one watching Netflix and chilling! Casual sex is common among young adults, with many having six or more one-night stands. Learn the best places for hooking up and other interesting casual sex facts with this infographic that will never try to text you the morning after.

The Cost of Getting Lucky: Dating and Sex Facts

How likely are you to get lucky at the end of your date? Are your odds better if you go to a five-star restaurant or a fast-food drive through? Check out this surprising infographic to see what your chances of getting lucky really are. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Ready to Go Exclusive
Are You Ready to Go Exclusive?

Is it time to commit or are you better off continuing to date? Here are few important things to consider before telling your partner that you want to go exclusive.

How to Save Your Relationship
Save Your Relationship in 7 Minutes

Are you arguing with your partner more than you’d like? Are you having problems seeing things from their perspective? Northwestern University researchers have developed a new approach to conflict resolution that might save your relationship. Check out how conflict reappraisal intervention works and how you can put into practice in just seven minutes or less.

3 Fantastic Reasons to Stay Single

There are plenty of benefits to being in a relationship, but there are just as many reasons for staying single. If your friends keep trying to set you up with someone, here are three reasons to get them to back off while you enjoy being single.