Stop restricting yourself to the bedroom and learn how you can turn your entire house into a sexual playground. Get fun tips for having sex in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, garage and more!

How to Have Sex All Over Your House

Couples used to believe for generations sex belonged in the bedroom, preferably with the lights off and hidden under the covers. But over the past decade, people have become much more open about sex. They’re more willing to talk about it and experiment with new things. And now they’re not just leaving the lights on – they’re leaving the bedroom entirely!

A lot of couples experience a naughty thrill from having sex outside the bedroom. The risk of getting caught helps heighten your arousal, making the sex hotter and more passionate. A recent survey by Elle magazine and MSNBC found that over 20% of people have had sex in places other than a bedroom and even more have fantasized about it! Sex outside the bedroom is a great way for new couples to have a little dirty fun and helps older couples reignite the fire in their relationship. But before you start getting down and dirty in public, there are plenty of fun and adventurous places to have sex in your own home other than the bedroom.


If you’re looking to leave your bedroom behind, the best place to start is the shower! The two of you are already naked, and it never hurts to have someone to help wash your back… and a few other spots of course! Throw in the steamy water caressing your skin, and you’ve got all the ingredients for an erotic encounter! But before you have any dirty fun in the tub, you do need to take a few safety precautions. Showers can be very slippery, especially when you’re trying to do the vertical tango with your lover at the same time! Be sure you have a secure bath mat so you or your lover won’t slip and fall.

Kitchen & Dining Room

How to Have Sex All Over Your House - Kitchen Sex

While not the most erotic of settings, your kitchen is ripe with sexual energy just waiting to be tapped. All you need to do is come up with a fun little role playing game – like a cookie-baking MILF meets the plumber – and you’re ready for some fun! Kitchen counters are the perfect height for a little oral delight. Or you could bend your lover over and take them from behind. For extra fun, most dining room tables are big enough for two - just make sure yours is sturdy enough to support your weight!

Living Room and Den
Use the location to your advantage. If you've got a TV handy, then put on a dirty movie to help set the mood. If you've got a fireplace, then grab some wine, light a fire and turn the lights off. The two of you can cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the mood before getting frisky. 

Laundry Room
Laundry rooms are sadly unappreciated places. If you want a real rush, just wait until laundry day. Sit your lover on the edge of the dryer and great ready to hear them scream when it’s time for the spin cycle! This is really best with older machines that vibrate more than newer models.

Home Office
Your home office is perfect for playing sexy secretary or demanding boss. Just hide underneath the desk and put your tongue to work while your partner checks their email!

If you’re going through a mid-life crisis, there’s no better way to remember your wild days than hitting the garage and getting frisky in the backseat of your car!