Setting the mood is an important skill to have if you’re trying to seduce someone. But it can be hard to pull off if you’re away from home. Learn three easy ways you can set the mood anywhere you go – whether you’re traveling the world or couch-surfing at a friend’s place. 

Foreplay Tips for Setting the Mood

3 Easy Ways to Set the Mood Anywhere

You can take your partner to high-end restaurants and shower them with presents. But that doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t take them back to somewhere special. Luckily for you, it’s not that hard to set the mood almost anywhere you go. Here are three simple ways you can create a romantic mood even when you’re away from home.


Good lighting is essential for creating a romantic mood. The room should be dim – but not so dark that you end up bumping into walls or knocking things over. In an ideal world, you’d be able to light a few candles scattered around the room or cuddle up together in front of a roaring fire. But you’re not always going to have a working fireplace or candles nearby, so you’ll have to make do with you have. You can partially recreate the effect with a TV in a dark room. The picture changes cause the light level to flicker. If that’s not an option, place a desk or accent lamp in the corner of the room for a soft and gentle glow.


Music and sex have gone hand in hand since cavemen started beating rocks together. Technology has made it easier than ever to use music to help set the mood – especially if you plan ahead. You can create a customized playlist just for your honey and play it anywhere with your smartphone. Start with something gentle and soothing before switching to tracks with more energy and a rhythmic beat. If you need something quick, then you can search your favorite streaming site for romantic playlists.


The Special Touch
While light and music can help set the mood, this is the real deal breaker. The special touch should be a romantic element that shows you care. It can be a long-stemmed rose lying on the bed, a relaxing foot massage or a hot bath. Do it right and you’re sure to set the mood anywhere you go.