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Clitoral Pumps

Like with penis pumps, clitoral pumps increase blood flow to a woman’s erogenous zone, enhancing arousal and overall sexual enjoyment. Pumps provide different sensations to the vagina compared to other sex toys, allowing for more sensitivity during sex and more intense orgasms.

Clitoral pumps create a vacuum to enlarge the clitoris, drawing more blood in to engorge clitoral tissue and enliven sensitive nerve endings. Some clitoral pumps can even be used on nipples, too, allowing for even greater pleasure to every erogenous zone.

Our collection of clit pumps at Adam & Eve features a variety of styles and designs, including different size cylinders to accommodate every user. Some options even feature a vibrating option for an added level of excitement. Use one on yourself for solo fun or have a partner participate for arousing foreplay.

Try combining your pump with other toys for enhanced sensations and powerful climaxes. Clitoral pumps can be used by themselves or during sex for a heightened experience. Whether new to sex toys or adding to your collection, Adam & Eve is here to fulfill all of your needs