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Boundless Body Pump Kit

  (1) 5 stars out of 5 Reviews

Boundless Body Pump Kit

(1) 5 stars out of 5 Reviews

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Pump Up Nipples & Clit With Adjustable, Customizable Suction!

Why should guys have all the pumping fun? Treat your clitoral & nipple pleasure points with adjustable suction! Pumping draws in blood circulation to nourish hungry nerve endings. Each clear cylinder fits smoothly and comfortably around your nipples or clit. Slowly pull on the pump handle to create a powerful suction that leaves your engorged lady bits erect, and oh-so-sensitive. A great addition to foreplay & masturbation! There's also a handy release button so you can decide how much suction you want to enjoy. Experience silent & discreet nipple or clit-pumping fun anytime. Set includes 3 sizes of cylinders. (Don't be surprised if he experiments with your Body Pump Kit, too!) Small cylinder is 0.5 inches wide, medium is 0.75 inches wide, large is 1 inch wide. Made from ABS plastic, PVC, silicone.

Key Features
  • Easy-to-use body pump for adjustable, customized controlled suction
  • Draws circulation into your bits – making them erect & sensitive 
  • Choose a perfect fit with 3 cylinder sizes 
  • Easy grip handle creates "just right" suction with little effort
  • See-through cylinders show your results
  • Quiet & discreet operation
  • Cylinders come with soft, removable silicone donuts
  • Flexible, 8 inch non-crimp air hose with quick release valve
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Use with water-based lubes

The Boundless Body Pump Kit is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for customized and controlled suction. It's designed to enhance your intimate experiences and provide thrilling sensations for nipples and clitoris, as well as other areas.

The kit comes to you with 3 different cylinder sizes, so you can choose the perfect fit for your body. Each cylinder is equipped with a soft, removable silicone donut for added comfort and a secure seal. An easy-grip handle ensures a firm hold, giving you full control over the suction intensity.

This body pump kit provides powerful and uninterrupted airflow with its flexible and non-crimping air hose. A quick release valve allows for quick & easy pressure adjustment, giving you the ability to customize the pumping experience to your liking. 

A Fun Sex Toy Your Clit & Nipples Will Love!
It needs no batteries, and it's quiet! Get started with your Boundless Body Pump Kit by taking one of the 3 different cylinders provided and fitting the clear suction chamber over your nipple or clit. Each cylinder easily pops on and off the non-crimping air hose. Maybe start with the largest cylinder for your first time? Slowly pull on the handle until you get the feel of it, then go for it and feel arousal as circulation flows in. Solo or with a partner, play with your Body Pump for suck-tastic foreplay, solo fun, and more! 

Care & Maintenance
When it comes to cleaning, the body pump kit is designed with convenience in mind. It easily disassembles, allowing for thorough cleaning & maintenance, ensuring you'll have a hygienic and long-lasting experience. Clean with mild soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner –– many are available right here at Adam & Eve.

Discover the pleasure of customized suction and explore new sensations with the Boundless Body Pump Kit. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this kit offers a user-friendly and satisfying pumping experience that will take your intimate encounters to new highs.


Batteries No batteries required
Brand Cal Exotics
Colors Black
Features Sucking Action
Material Silicone, PVC, ABS (plastic)
Power Source No batteries required
Width 0.75 inches, 1.00 inches, 0.5 inches

(1) 5 stars out of 5

5 stars out of 5
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Literal best orgasm ever

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

I'm AFAB, 40, depressed, and my antidepressants mess with my ability to reach orgasm. I'm also non-binary and have some body dysphoria issues. After patiently pumping up my clit with this body pump, I used one of my clit vibrators (the Lovehoney x Romp) and was able to f*ck its soft mouth with my c-cklet. I came harder than I ever have before and it lasted longer. Highly recommend. Will be playin... Read more

WannabeFuta - 1/14/2024

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Boundless Body Pump Kit - Product Shot
Boundless Body Pump Kit