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Size Matters Vaginal Pump

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Product Description

Get A More Sensitive Vagina & Bigger Thrills!

Specialized pump makes your vagina puffier and more sensitive for the ultimate sexual experience!

•    Mask-like cup fits over your vagina and clit
•    Pump pulls blood into your lips, clit and your vagina
•    Additional blood makes it larger, with a puffy-like look
•    Increases your blood flow for greater sensitivity and enhanced pleasure
•    Release valve included for fast and easy removal
•    Extra-long no-kink hose makes it easy to use
•    Measures 3 inches wide and 4.25 inches long
•    Made from plastic

The cup, which resembles a breathing mask, fits easily over your vagina to completely cover it. (Try adding some lube to the edges of the cup for an extra-tight seal.) Hold the cup in place with one hand, and then start squeezing the bulb with the other. Every squeeze creates a stronger vacuum inside the cup, pulling in more blood as your vagina, clit and lips grow steadily larger and larger. When you’re finished, you can simply press the release valve down to break the pump’s seal and remove it.

After you finish pumping, your entire vagina will be darker in color (from the increased blood) and much larger than usual, with an almost puffed-up shape. Your lips and clit will be much more prominent and more likely to stand out. Most importantly, all the activity will make your nerves more alert and more sensitive. Just try your favorite vibrator to see for yourself. Just be sure to start on low until you’ve have time to adjust! After you finish pumping, sex toys and partners will be much more satisfying than usual, and you’ll find it easier for you to enjoy yourself as well.   

The pump comes with an emergency release valve so you can remove it quickly and easily if needed. And the extra-long no-kink hose makes it easy to use even for first-timers!

The Size Matters Vaginal Pump measures 3 inches wide and 4.25 inches long. The hose measures 9.25 inches long. The pump is made from plastic.

Product Details

Batteries: No batteries required
Brand: XR Brands
Colors: Pink
Gender: Female
Length: 4.25 inches
Material: Plastic
Power Source: No batteries required
Width: 3.00 inches

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on 6/17/2017 9:02:42 PM
Pros: The product works
1 person found this review helpful
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on 6/6/2017 2:50:55 AM
Pros: It gets everything nice and swollen. Cons: The cup isnt deep enough. I want to see how much nlood i can get in there but it fills up too quickly.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 6/5/2017 1:36:54 AM
Cons: It did not do anything for me. I tried few times but nothing.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 5/22/2017 12:31:02 AM
Pros: Very easy to use Cons: Doesn't fit properly
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 5/12/2017 12:40:15 PM
Pros: Suction held up great
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 5/5/2017 1:29:46 AM
Reviewer left no comment
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 5/2/2017 2:39:38 PM
Pros: Fits tight, good seal. Cons: needs a little more suction power. Bulb collapses too quickly.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 4/27/2017 12:12:42 AM
Pros: Worked great. Cons: None
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 4/26/2017 10:21:32 AM
Pros: I date much younger women .... iam 60 there in there 20,s so it's new to them... and they love it Cons: No
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 4/23/2017 6:11:48 PM
Pros: The wife Loves it!!! Just the right size Cons: No Complaints
Was this review helpful to you?   
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