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Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24K Gold Luxury Edition

  (17) 3.20000004768372 stars out of 5 Reviews

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24K Gold Luxury Edition

(17) 3.20000004768372 stars out of 5 Reviews

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Let Luxury Touch You There –– Endless Licking, Sucking...& Vibrating!

–– Custom-Tailored Oral & G-Spot Play To Rival Your Best Lover!

"Sex toy of the year!" ––

Your all-in-one pleasure device purchase is protected by our Special Guarantee.

When you can't get enough oral play, who do you call? Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump is ready for on-demand pleasure, 24/7/365!

Place the oval cone over her yearning mound. It's shaped to perfectly cup the labia, clitoris and the most sensitive of deserving lady bits. Or place the circular cone over nipples for more of the same sucking, licking & vibrating sensations that clitorises also hold so dear!

Play & pleasure yourself with either end of this delightful device: the sucking/vibrating tongue on one end –– or the curved stimulator for the G-Spot on the other! Order in –– and get off:

  • Combination vibrator, licking tongue & intimate suction self-pleasuring device
  • 4 powerful motors offer 3 suction patterns, 7 tongue motion/vibration modes, 10 vibration patterns
  • Silicone tongue vibrates & licks, includes removable textured TPE sleeve for even more scintillating stimulation
  • Vibrating curved silicone handle can easily target your G-Spot
  • Intense suction: includes 2 pleasure attachments for vaginal & nipple play
  • 10 inches total length, an easy-to-handle 1.5 inches wide
  • 4-button controls control G-Spot vibrations, suction power, tongue power, and suction pressure quick release
  • Crafted from body-safe, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial silicone & ABS plastic
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable, 90 minute charge time, 60 minutes of play, cord included
  • This Luxury Edition model comes in rich royal red with 24K gold plated accent trim (hint: gift it!)
  • Packaged in an attractive box for gifting, free luxury travel/storage bag, quick-start how-to manual included
  • Waterproof, use with water based lubes

Yes, having Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24k Gold Luxury Edition in your sex toy drawer is a worthy investment in yourself and your sexual health. Now experience licking right where you want it –– anywhere on your body. Add a little water based lube for even more delicious sensations. There's even a removable textured TPE sleeve to give this tongue a slight raspy texture –– just like real!

And this sex toy sucks! And sucks. And sucks. Clitoris. Vadge Town. Nipples. His nipples, even! 2 pleasure attachments are included for a perfect suction seal against your skin. Sucking draws circulation to your sensitive bits –– making them even more tingly.

And don't forget –– it's a badass vibrator, too! The curved handle vibrates with 10 different speeds ready to say "Hello, I love you!" to your G-Spot or clit. And that same curve is ideal for finding that G-Spot deep inside.

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24k Gold Luxury Edition is waterproof for fun in the tub or shower. Make it your secret lover! It's easy to keep it feeling and looking like new. Wash with warm water & mild soap, or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. Store it in its own storage bag, away from other sex toys.

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24k Gold Luxury Edition is recommended for women who love oral play...G-Spot thrills...and vibrators! Couples can quickly find ways to bring this Bad Girl into bed for hours of exploring & cross-eyed joy. Don't forget –– it sucks!

A Short Story Of Desire, Cravings And Self-Pleasure

–– Starring Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24k Gold Luxury Edition...& You!

She always craved oral sex play and wished she could enjoy it more often. Now she could. Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump would be able to give her the ultimate ecstasy she was looking for, anytime, any place she wanted.

First, she pressed the button to activate the vibration. She traced her body with a pulsating pinpoint of pleasure. She knew this was going to feel so good deep inside her later –– but first she wanted to explore Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump's oral sensations.

She placed the oval cone of Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump over her yearning mound. It perfectly cupped her labia, clitoris, and her most sensitive lady bits. With a little lube around the edge of the cone, the suction was amazing. The pulsing, milking suction thrilled her soft skin, awakening her with new sensations.

It felt so incredible, as if her very essence was being seduced. With the pump positioned over her swollen clit, she pressed another button. The motorized tongue began lapping at her. The smooth tongue tirelessly teased her sensitive sweet spot.

She was bound up with incredible pleasure as she explored all of the various tongue patterns. This was truly the most amazing sensation combination she had ever felt!

And then, like a dream, her solo session embraced her with a long, breathless tremble. Her oral fantasies had come true. Now to insert the G-Spot handle deep inside for even more Pleasure-gasms!

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Brand Pipedream, Fantasy For Her
Colors Red
Features Clitoral Stimulator, Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Sucking Action, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Attachments, Multiple Motors, Storage Bag Included, Multiple Suction Modes
Length 10.0 inches
Material Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Power Source Rechargeable
Width 1.5 inches

(17) 3.20000004768372 stars out of 5

5 stars out of 5
8 people reviewed this product at 5 stars
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0 people reviewed this product at 4 stars
3 stars out of 5
2 people reviewed this product at 3 stars
2 stars out of 5
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6 people reviewed this product at 1 stars
Team Red

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

I love the red with gold. I wish all toys looked this elegant. Most look like baby toys, all purple or pink. Women need grown up toys and grownup toys are red and gold. I needed a boyfriend replacement and this is it, and this one doesn't stop right before I get off. It just keeps going. I do wish it had a continuous suck but it's probably safer that it doesn't.

LadyinRed - 4/10/2020

Quality product

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

This product is worth the price. It handle vibrates so u can potentially use that. It has great suction. Many setting are also offered for the tongue movement and for the vibration and suction. This is a great investment. I recommend it.

Mouthygirl - 4/23/2020

Feels amazing!

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

This toy was my greatest purchase! It has so many different functions and I couldn’t believe how fast I finished with it. Definitely recommend.

Hornigirl69 - 4/10/2020

my favorite

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

You will absolutely LOVE this toy. I have multiple organs with this one.

twinkle toes - 9/18/2020

Awesome toy.

5 stars out of 5

Verified Buyer

Suction, vibration and tongue action are symbiotic in letting one achieve a very satisfying orgasm.

Gusher lady - 11/20/2020

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The Adam & Eve Guarantee

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Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24K Gold Luxury Edition
Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump - 24K Gold Luxury Edition