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We’ve all been there—patiently waiting for our new Adam & Eve gadget to arrive, checking and rechecking our doorstep like a kid at Christmas time, only to discover when the package arrives that we don’t have the batteries needed to operate our new toy. Talk about a buzz kill! That’s why Adam & Eve have made it quick and easy to ensure your order is complete by offering batteries for purchase directly from our site. So, no more rifling through junk drawers or stealing batteries from your TV remote. Whether your device calls for AAA batteries, AA batteries, C batteries, or something in between, Adam & Eve have gone the extra mile to stave off the batteries-not-included blues.

At Adam & Eve, we also believe batteries don’t have to be boring. In addition to standard battery brands, like Duracell, we also offer a variety of novelty batteries that are just as fun as they are functional.

Our “N” batteries pack more of a punch than regular batteries, making them great companions for our most powerful vibrators.

Check out the unique and sexy graphics on our “Dead” designer batteries. Who knew changing the batteries in your favorite sex toy could be such fun foreplay?

And our “Pink Power” line of batteries do more than just power sex toys—they help fight breast cancer. Twenty percent of the profits from these little numbers will be donated to the Save the Ta-Ta’s Foundation to help fund breast cancer research. How’s that for power?

So, as you peruse our site, don’t let batteries be an afterthought. After all, they’re the little engines that give your favorite Adam & Eve toys the power to pleasure. Add batteries to your shopping cart now, so you’ll be ready to get down to business as soon as your order arrives!