Sugar Sak Storage Bag XL

Sugar Sak Storage Bag XL

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Body-Healthy Bag Keeps Your Sex Toys, Lingerie & Other Goodies Safe!

“Large enough to fit my favorite 10” toy without giving away my secret.” –Natalie from Virginia

Protect your favorite sex toys and lingerie with this discreet bag!

Created to keep your toys, lingerie and other adult items safe and healthy, the Sugar Sak Storage Bag is a must-have. The Sugar Sak is coated with BioShield 75, which defends against dangerous microbes without relying on potentially unhealthy toxins. BioShield is approved by the USDA to prevent yeast and urinary tract infections and protect against the growth of bacteria, yeasts, mold and fungi. Sugar Sak uses BioShield 75 to keep your sex toys healthy and clean for longer-lasting fun. And it works just as good when it comes to lingerie, lubes and other adult products. 

The XL Sugar Sak measures 9 inches wide by 13.5 inches long, making it big enough to hold multiple toys at once, a wide selection of lubes, and a few lingerie sets too. In other words, everything you need for a wild and fun weekend! Just be careful not to mix certain types of materials together. For instance, storing two silicone vibrators in the same bag can damage them. The Sugar Sak features a sleek, satiny exterior with a leopard-print interior for a designer-like style. The storage bag is lint-free so you can use it with all types of sex toy materials, including jelly, TPE and TPR. The bag comes with a built-in drawstring so you can tie it shut to protect your privacy.

Products shown with the Sugar Sak are for display purposes only and are not included.

Sugar and Spice
Male, Female
13.0 inches
I love this bag!
"It was actually bigger than I thought it would be. Holds all my toys..."
"Looks like a lingerie/stocking bag~great for discretion "
Perfect size.
"I was able to fit one large toy and a slim toy plus a big bottle of lube"
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I love this bag! Submitted 11/14/2010
It was actually bigger than I thought it would be. Holds all my toys... 2 vibrators and 4 sleeves, a dong, ben wa ball, anal beads and a penis ring, 2 lubes and a mini bullet and I could stuff more in there if I wanted to. Love the idea of the bacteria growth inhibitor and it will still work after a like 25 washes! LOVE THE COLOR... not to hip on the print on the inside but its ok.
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Mostly a good thing Submitted 7/16/2008
I bought 2 of the XL Sugar Saks to store my dildos in. I don't know how the other 2 sizes compare to this one. They ARE quality-made, however there are a few minor annoyances with it. 1. The material really sticks to the rubber dildos. So if you have large toys (especially toys with wide bases) it's hard to get them in and out of the sak. This is the case even though the XL sak seems to have enough width room. 2. Although this is supposedly the largest sak they have it is not quite long enough. I have the A&E foot-long double-dong dildo and the sak is too short to encase the whole thing. Other than those they are very sexy and a nice way to keep your toys clean and safe.
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Good Submitted 3/2/2010
Pros: Big enough to hold four vibrating dildos, a probe, and a couple of plugs. Anti-bacterial lining Pockets inside to hold things like batteries, bullets, and teasers. Looks like a lingerie/stocking bag~great for discretion Travels well Cons: Price Color--for the price there should be a few more color options
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Stephanie Alford
Keeping the toys safe Submitted 9/23/2008
This little sack does more than just provide aesthetic purposes...it hides your secret stash of toys away from prying eyes. I purchased the XL in pink, and it fits in perfectly with my bedroom. Protecting it not only from unsuspecting eyes, it also protects against mold as well as other elements that pose a potential threat to all of your precious toys. I would highly recommend this for anyone who values privacy and protection when it concerns your sex toys.
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Perfect size. Submitted 3/1/2011
The picture made it look much smaller and thinner, but this bag is perfect to fit multiple toys. I just got mine in today and was so happy to finally have a place to put my goodies. I was able to fit one large toy and a slim toy plus a big bottle of lube and I still have tons of space for more. Also, I love the little pocket on the inside. I put my "mystery gifts" in there. :D
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Works like a charm! Submitted 8/5/2008
This Sugar Sak is amazing! When I opened it up out of the package I couldn't believe how big it was but I wasn't totally amazed until I started filling it with toys. It holds a LOT of stuff and I find the little velcro pouch in it extemely useful for little things like extra bullets and sleeves...little things that would most likely be lost in the bottom. I would highly advise anyone looking at this to just go ahead and get one. It is also a very pretty little bag!
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BEAUTIFUL product! Submitted 7/24/2008
This product really is the creme de la creme. I love that I can store my stuff and not have to worry if it'll get pet hairs, dust, or your general house hold funk on it. lol. PLUS it keeps it all tuked away in a neat, tidy, and cute looking bag so even if some one were to come across it that you didn't expect it'll just look like a bag of regular stuff. Amazing! Couldn't live without it!
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Good but not Great Submitted 11/6/2008
I own several of the Sugar Saks in the Large (Red) size and they have held up fairly well. I have had two (of several more) that did not stand up to the first washing, but A&E has been very good about returns and exchanges. As for the size, as another customer stated, the Sugar Sak XL isn't nearly as long as one might expect, as compared to the Large. Really a whole lot wider and voluminous though. So, I would say these are more for holding a bunch of toys and accessories, rather than one incredibly large toy. Still, I highly recommend the line, but think the size Large is more useful.
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does what it says Submitted 11/4/2009
This is a nice bag, I like the size and it fits most of the collection. I kinda wish it were available in more colors
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Not all I expected, but still great. Submitted 1/22/2010
It wasnt quite as large as I was expecting, but it still effectively holds the majority of my collection and accessories. The main reason I bought it was because of its bacteria inhibiting design, which I hope proves its worth. $15 does seem a bit much though. And the color is almost obnoxious. But its doing its job so far and doing it well. I would recommend this product, and will probably buy more in the future/
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