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A Deeper Shade Of Red

Item# 400R
Backordered - Ships 12/24/2016
Price: $22.95
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A Deeper Shade Of Red
Adam & Eve Lube
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A Deeper Shade Of Red  
Adam & Eve Lube  

A Deeper Shade Of Red

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Playfully Explore Bondage & Discipline!

Next time there's a rainy day, pull out A Deeper Shade Of Red and playfully explore the world of bondage and discipline with your lover.

This board game for two will take you both on a wild ride. Roll the sex position die and move your game marker to the square that matches that side of the die in color.

Game set includes:
• 1 game board
• 1 whip
• 1 large bondage sex position die
• 2 game markers
• Game rules

In the course of this game you'll both be given directions for some of the following actions:

• Brush the whip across your lover's body
• Require your lover to beg for an edible reward you'll eventually provide
• Tweak on of your lover's nipples
• Spank or paddle your lover's behind
• Nibble a part of your lover's body

As your game progresses, one or both of you will reach A Deeper Shade Of Red!

The sex position die is rolled to decide which position you'll both do after you reach the GO CRAZY! landing space.

For light-hearted fun, adventure and a peek into the secret world of bondage and discipline, it's hard to beat A Deeper Shade Of Red. Get yours today and set it aside for that special rainy day...or sooner!

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Kheper Games

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