Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers Game

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Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers Game

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Ask Naughty Questions, Get Adult Rewards!

Want to get to know each other better? And in new, more intimate ways? Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers is a fun, easy to way to break the ice – and discover more about your lover than you knew before! This game set includes 200 cards, each with 2 questions on it to choose from, so you can play multiple rounds together. You might answer questions about what’s on your sex bucket list, what are your wildest fantasies, what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in a parked car, and more. If it gets a little too personal – pass! Naughty adult fun for 2 players.

Key Features
  • Adult questions game for 2 players
  • Includes 200 cards with 2 questions each
  • The asker chooses which question to ask
  • Answer a question honestly to collect that card
  • Don’t want to answer? Pass!
  • First to get to 20 cards wins

Play the game that lets you get to know each other better – and is great at turning you on! Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers is simple to play, but might make you blush, stammer, and pass on more cards than you choose to answer.

Here’s how it works. First, choose the stakes. Maybe it’s an erotic massage, choosing where you go on your next date, or an even sexier prize. Then shuffle the cards. Take turns. One of you draws the card and chooses which question to ask. The other has to answer with total honesty. If they can’t, it’s a pass! If the asker thinks they aren’t being completely truthful, it’s a pass! But if the question is answered, the asked gets to keep the card. The first one of you to earn 20 cards wins!

What kind of questions can you expect? That depends on the luck of the draw. You might get thoughtful questions about where you’d go if you could time travel, or what your biggest fears are. You might get something about your past, like who’s your worst ex and why, or what’s the wildest story your childhood friends might tell about you. And you definitely will get questions like—what body part would you most like to lick syrup off of right now? What photos on your phone do you not want anyone to see? What have you been fantasizing about while masturbating lately? And so many more!

For those who want more conversation, a deeper understanding of their partners, and of course more naughty fun, Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers may be the game you reach for again and again.

Brand Kheper Games

(1) 5 stars out of 5

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Wasn't sure what to expect when this arrived. But was wanting to try something a little different. Have different topics to talk to the husband about other than what are we having for dinner, or who is going to wash dishes tonight. I love that you get to choose a reward and make it your own with this game. The questions were able to help me get to know my husband even more, delving into a few ... Read more

Spicylover011398 - 8/15/2023

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Extreme Personal Questions For Lovers Game