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Hot And Spicy Dice

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Roll The Dice For Erotic Fun & Games

Everybody wins in this dice game! She rolls the pink dice, he rolls the blue dice to determine the body part, action performed and location to perform it. Will it be “lick her nipples in the dining room” or “suck his balls in the kitchen”? Each roll of the dice produces unexpected, sexy fun! Great gift, too.

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Mdms P
Impossible to use if you have a family Submitted 10/28/2009
My husband and I looked into buying these for some extra fun. However, we have a house full of kids. I am glad I read the reviews, and we KNEW that having sex in the kitchen, hall, stairs or basiclly anywhere on most evenings or even days is impossible for us. On the rare occasion when our kids are with friends or family for LONG periods of time or overnight, maybe, but as our house has an open floor plan, and large glass windows,(and our kids friends stopping by frequently) it may not even be a good idea then, either. This is NOT a toy for a couple unless they have UNLIMITED privacy. Most married with kids couples do NOT. Of course, if you are childless and live a life with no interruptions, I would really think the need for things like this to keep it spicy is probably even less necessary. Perhaps a pair of dice with LESS variation in LOCATION and more specific things to do would be OK.We were disappointed.
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WONDERFUL Submitted 3/10/2009
What a great way to build up to wonderful hot and wild sex. We have even used them with some friends of ours and OMG what a night that turned into.
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really fun, but....... Submitted 3/1/2014
these dice are fun, a great way to spice things up every now and then. but after a while you just keep saying come on roll suck penis. and the whole time she is like come on don't roll suck penis. still though a lot of fun especially if one of you is afraid of trying new things in new places.
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BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE!!! Submitted 5/9/2008
I thought that next to sex chocolate was the greatest thing in the world. Not anymore. These dice are WONDERFUL!!! my husband is a little shy about trying new things and these dice brought the animal in him. I never thought we would try so many new things in one night. Totally hot!!!
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FUN!! Submitted 9/13/2008
We love these.. Most of the combinations are not raunchy, but fun and playful. For instance, "massage my lips in the kitchen!" Still, there remains the potential for "suck balls outside," which would make for a thrill in a suburban neighborhood.. By the way, we were delighted to see that "Anus" or "ass" was not on a face of either of the body part dice.... These offer a total of 216 possible activities for each partner. Since there's no setup or take-down, it's easy to play on a whim. All in all, very enjoyable!
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haven't bought yet Submitted 10/18/2008
what are all the sides? thinking about buying but wanted to see if someone could tell me what all the choices are?
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Fun for more than 2 Submitted 3/14/2008
These dice are really fun for adult encounters. The girlfriend and I were playing with these with another couple and it broke the ice very well. We didn't play with the location dice though.
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Fun Idea Submitted 8/25/2010
We were pleased with this item. I do not plan to follow the lick toes instruction though.
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mad max
nice dice Submitted 3/15/2008
it gave spicy to or sex life and jumpped it up a bit
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"Lick Balls Outside"...LOVE IT!!!!! Submitted 3/15/2009
It's the perfect way to start the evening!!! We were all over the house laughing, massaging & sucking each other! It was worth the wait!!
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