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Cosmo's 365 Naughty Nights

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Sexy Thrills Every Night for a Year!

Brought to you by the editors of Cosmopolitan!

With 365 sexual adventure cards, you’ll run out of stamina before you run out of things to try!

There are three different types of cards. The first type shows different sex positions, from the Hot Hula to the Sexy Swimmers. Each position is fully illustrated and comes with detailed instructions including its benefits and advantages. For example, the Hot Hula is intended for long-lasting sex and G-Spot stimulation, while the Sexy Swimmers is designed for intense vaginal orgasms.

The second card type involves fantasies. These cards contain a sexy story you can read to your partner to set the mood. But the stories don’t have any set ending. Instead, it’s up to you and your lover to act out the rest of the story however you want!

The third type of card contains erotic activities for you, your partner or both of you. He might end up licking pudding off her breasts, while she gives him an intimate shave below the belt! And both of you might set a new record for the number of sexual acts performed together in a single day!

We suggest shuffling the cards together and taking turns picking one. There are 365 diverse sexual activities for you and your partner to explore together. The cards measure 3.25 inches by 4.25 inches and come in a folding magnetic storage case.

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Cosmopolitan, Sterling Publishing
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Best Game for a committed couple!
"These are versatile mixed with normal things all the way to new positions and exotic foreplay acts. We are thoroughly enjoying this deck and we recommend this to any couple wanting to change things up a bit in the bedroom and the daily grind."
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Pleasantly surprised Submitted 8/11/2014
I got this for one of my husband's birthday presents, not expecting much, but boy does he love it! The first thing we both did was read through every card - and get turned on while reading them. Haha! I figured there would be a bunch of dumb ones or ones we just wouldn't feel comfortable doing, but as it turns out, we only had to throw out a few(The ones that say stuff like watch a porno together and act it out(We aren't the porn watching type) or ones that say to do stuff that we already do regularly). Anyway, we separated them into 3 piles (His, Hers, and Together)and we take turns picking a card each day. I'm sure we won't do it every day, but it is something that is fun and different for us to look forward to on most days. And even after being married for almost 9 years, I have learned a few things that turn the hubby on that I never would have guessed ;) For the price, I am very happy with this "game". In fact, after going through them all, I kinda want to pick several for one day. haha Today's card is watching a movie together naked and seeing how long we can last. Can't wait to put the kids to bed!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Okay Submitted 1/23/2018
I was between these cards and the “sex” cards. I chose these ones with high hopes and was honestly a bit disappointed. I doubt we’ll use them much. Pros: the quality of the actual cards and the box they came in is good. Cons: some of the ideas are redundant or simple things that we have already though of ourselves. I would have liked more sex position cards.
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Naughty Toi
OMG Submitted 6/2/2015
This was filled with unexpected fun. When we received it, I opened it to see what it was all about. Let me just say it was an extremely pleasant surprise. I like the different types of cards. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. The mister and I have been having fun with the randomness of it.
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String Cheese
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great to spice up the bedroom Submitted 12/13/2017
I got this as a gift for my husband as he was becoming bored in the bedroom. Turned out to be a gift for me too! We love it!
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Soooo much fun! Submitted 10/21/2014
My husband and I bring these out anytime one of its wants the other But maybe the mood just isn't set yet. We'll read them to each other and see which card does the trick and or love making has been so intense!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Fun product Submitted 10/5/2017
It has a lot of fun situations to do with your partner, I would suggest this to anyone who wants to add some spice to their sex life.
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G. From Cali
Fun Games For Lovers Submitted 12/23/2014
If you and your lover want a way to spice up your love-life, then this item is the right choice for you. There are many cards to choose from and if you don't like your card, exchange it for another one. I recommend this item for those who want to have fun or just want to spice things up a little bit. Wise choice - wise gift.
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Good to start opening up Submitted 2/10/2015
Good thing if u and ur girlfriend want to try new things but are nervous to try them. Good ideas and positions
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Good concept Submitted 2/14/2015
These cards have a good concept to them, but I definitely recommend going through and taking out ones you're not into. We removed all the red-hot reads and "finish the scene" cards just because that's not really what we're into. We will be going through to edit the other ones for things we're not comfortable with or have already done. But some do seem fun or like good ideas. Definitely like the position cards. Recommend to anyone trying to up their sex life some, but just remember some cards are cheesy.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Did not Like Submitted 1/9/2018
This was very boring. Not what I expected. Trying to return but it seems very costly to ship things back.
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