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Adult Games

In the hassles of our everyday lives, it’s sometimes easy to forget the importance of fun and spontaneity when it comes to romance and sexual fulfillment. Couples can get bored with the same lovemaking routines, and even our most treasured sex toys can become old hat. Sex games are a great way to spice things up and jumpstart a night of out of the ordinary passion. And with such a wide variety of games to choose from here at Adam & Eve, there are more ways to play than you could ever imagine. 

Sex games have gotten a lot more fun and sophisticated since the old days of basic strip poker. We have a wide variety of board, dice and card games designed to inspire you to try new things and explore new territories in your sexual roles and interests. We have games that cater to particular themes like bondage, fetishes and oral sex in addition to games that explore the full spectrum of erotic escapades. These games have a little chance and competition mixed in to keep you guessing what will come next, intensifying your foreplay and heightening your arousal. Roll some sex dice and see if you have to suck her toes or lick her inner thigh. Draw a card and discover whether your next move will be to slip off his undies with your teeth or to nibble his ear. Move your game piece along the board and see if the magic spot you land on will finally bring you to the “climax” of the game.

Not interested in playing a game? Why not give your lover a sexy coupon book and let him or her surprise you with a request for a lap dance or full-body massage out of the blue? The fun is in never knowing when a coupon will be redeemed, when a normal afternoon might take an erotic turn.

Our sex games come with everything you’ll need—from flavored massage oils and scented candles, to blindfolds and ticklers, even rose petals. Of course you can always up the ante and include your own accoutrements and improvisations. After all, half the fun of playing games is breaking the rules. And remember, with sex games everyone wins!