Taking Care of your Vibrator Sex Toys

Cleaning and Maintaining your Vibrator Sex Toy

With just a little bit of cleaning, maintenance and proper care, your favorite vibrators will be around for years to come. Every vibrator has a lifespan per se, higher end sex toys have a longer life span than the economy or less expensive models. That said higher end toys require

Most vibrators are incredibly easy to clean. Just wet a clean towel in warm soapy water and thoroughly wipe the vibrator off – taking care not to get the control area or battery compartment wet. If you use your vibrator anally, you must clean it very thoroughly using antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol if possible as soon as possible after each use. There are also special cleaners formulated to safely work with adult toys that you can use. Be sure to clean your vibrator soon after using it. Never put off cleaning your vibrator until the next day.

After cleaning, dry the vibrator with a soft, clean cloth. If your vibrator is made from cyberskin, you should apply the special cyberskin powder to maintain the vibrator’s unique feeling. After thoroughly drying your vibrator, you should wrap it in a dry cloth and store your vibrator in a cool, dry place.

These are the recommended cleaning methods for the most popular vibrator materials:

  • Plastic – soap and water, rubbing alcohol, sex toy cleaner
  • Latex – mild soap and water, sex toy cleaner
  • Jelly – mild soap and water, sex toy cleaner
  • Cyberskin – mild soap and water, Cyberskin cleaner, sex toy cleaner, talcum powder
  • Silicon – soap and water, sex toy cleaner

Vibrator Battery Replacement

Batteries contain highly corrosive chemicals, and it’s not recommended that you leave them inside your vibrator for extended periods of time will make your vibrator toys last longer remove the batteries between each use. This will not only conserve battery juice but will also prevent the toy from accidently turning on when you least expect it which in turn will also keep the motor running strong and slow the wear and tear. If you don’t plan to use your vibrator for longer than a week, you should remove the batteries, wrap your vibrator in a dry towel and store it in a cool, dry place.

So when you wear out your batteries, replacing them is as simple as a trip to your nearest drug store. Most vibrators take AA or AAA batteries, but some models take common watch batteries. Be sure to take note what battery you need when you remove them from the vibrator. The batteries on most models can be removed by unscrewing the base of the vibrator or removing the panel on the remote control.

Long-term Vibrator Sex Toy Storage

Storing your vibrators is very important since certain materials don't play nice with each other. After cleaning and removing the batteries from your vibrator you need to store it. Certain materials are "tacky" or sticky to the touch these vibrators need to be stored in lint free frabric, linen is great for this, so are velvet bags as the backside of velvet is smooth and usually doesn't shed. You should also be careful with your silicone vibrator sex toys. Silicone cannot be stored with other silicone toys, the material slowly desinigrates and you end up with misshapen toys that should not be used.


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