G-Spot Stimulation

G-Spot – The Basics

The g-spot is named after the German gynecologist who first believed it existed, Ernst Gräfenburg. Every woman has a g-spot and every woman can orgasm from g-spot stimulation. In fact, according to Sue Johanson, many women have had an orgasm through g-spot stimulation and not even known it! Most couples find it difficult to find the g-spot, mainly because when it’s stimulated the sensation is more pressure than immediate sensual gratification. In fact, when the g-spot is stimulated it often feels like you need to urinate. And when women have a g-spot orgasm some have been known to ejaculate, or squirt, a little bit of liquid. It is important to know that this is not urinating, the liquid expelled is colorless, odorless, and does not stain sheets!

But before you can have a g-spot orgasm, you must know where the g-spot is located. The g-spot is a spongy sort of area inside the vaginal canal about one or two inches inside and it’s only about an inch in diameter. Since it is small, it’s very hard to stimulate consistently to reach orgasm. There are many sex toys designed specifically to stimulate the g-spot, but g-spot stimulation can also occur through digital masturbation and sex.

The best way to find the g-spot, whether you are by yourself or you are trying to stimulate your partner, is to insert one or two fingers inside the vaginal canal with your palm down and fingers curled under. Reach inside until you’re a little more than knuckle deep. This is the best angle to reach the g-spot. With your fingers inside your vagina you will want to feel around, up against the stomach side of your vaginal canal until you feel a bit of tissue that is thicker or denser than the rest of the vaginal canal. Once you find the g-spot you can stimulate it by tapping, rubbing in small circles, or using a “come hither” motion to rub against it.

When the g-spot is first stimulated she will probably feel like she has to pee. This is a common feeling since the g-spot is located near the urethra, the pressure on the g-spot is also applied to the urethra. With enough pressure and stimulation (and relaxation, arousal & plenty of foreplay!) a woman can squirt up to 2 cups of ejaculate while other women may not squirt at all. Both reactions to g-spot stimulation are perfectly normal. It’s an unusual sensation the first time it happens, but with enough practice a g-spot orgasm can be one of the most intense orgasms a woman can have. That’s why many men’s magazines encourage men to find a woman’s g-spot. However, the biggest problem is that the g-spot isn’t located in the same spot for every woman. But, if you can’t find it you can always try again or maybe find another area that gets her turned on just as much!

You can also experience g-spot stimulation through sex or with a sex toy. The best sexual position for stimulating the g-spot is “doggy style” or when the woman is penetrated from behind. The downward angle puts the g-spot into the perfect position for a man’s penis to stimulate the g-spot on each thrust. Many sex toys that are designed for g-spot stimulation are often curved or are fatter at the tip, than the rest of the shaft. This allows for easier g-spot stimulation and less effort on behalf of the user.

If you want to experience a g-spot orgasm you must remember a few things: The more comfortable you are the more likely you’ll experience a g-spot orgasm (with or without squirting). This includes comfort in the situation, comfort with your body, and comfort in your relationship with the person you’re with. It is more likely you’ll experience a g-spot orgasm if you’re very aroused. You may have already experienced a few orgasms before you have a g-spot orgasm. You’ll need confidence. Many women can feel the orgasm building up but repress it because they don’t want to “wet the bed.” You need to be confident that squirting is okay and that it’s the desired result of your g-spot stimulation.


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