Cross the line between pleasure & ecstasy with a position naturally angled for deep penetration & G-Spot stimulation.

Covered Bridge

Tone your muscles and orgasms with this fun-filled missionary variant, inspired by the glute bridge exercise.

Covered Bridge Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Elevates the hips for G-Spot stimulation
+ Better angle for fast-paced and/or deep thrusts
Difficult to hold for long periods of time

The woman lies down on her back, with her knees bent. She uses her core muscles to lift her torso up, resting her weigh on her feet and upper back. He kneels down between her open legs and leans forward. He should use one hand to support himself while wrapping the other around her lower back to help takes some of the strain off her muscles. This leaves her hips elevated for better G-Spot stimulation, while making deep thrusts or fast-paced pumping easier.

Need to take a break? Just stick two or three pillows under her butt for extra support to keep the fun going!

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