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Massage Oils

Had a hard day at work and want to fully release some of that tension with your partner? Or maybe the two of you just need to reconnect and spice things up in the bedroom? An erotic massage can go a long way in rekindling passion and maximizing the level of sensual touching for any couple. And using the right massage oil can make all the difference in where all that stroking, kneading and tickling might lead. Adam & Eve carries a wide variety of massage oils and products designed to enhance the sensation of your lover’s touch and take your foreplay to a whole new level.

Infused with essential oils and vitamins, our massage oils nourish your skin as they intensify the feeling of your lover’s fingertips dancing over your skin, exploring every part of your body and revving you up for something more. And with tantalizing smells ranging from playful cherry and strawberry to sizzling cinnamon and invigorating citrus, massage oils are just as much a treat for your nose as they are for your skin. Flavored massage oils make it easy to transition from touching to kissing and licking, while warming massage oils literally turn up the heat, as your partner’s hands glide over your body, getting warmer with every stroke.

Massage oil candles combine the intensely arousing experience of a hot massage with the mesmerizing flicker of a candle flame in a darkened room. Once the oil liquefies, just drip some onto your lover’s skin. That first drop is sure to be a welcome surprise—the brief sting, followed by the cascading warmth of your touch, the cooling sensation of your breath as you playfully blow on your lover’s skin.

We even carry massage oils enhanced with pheromones to get you and your lover in the mood at record speed!

Safe, effective and dermatologist tested, our massage oils make all that touching and squeezing more intense and more satisfying. And check out some of our other massage accessories—such as waterproof massage sheets and erotic massage games!