Flavored Condom Sampler 50-pack

Flavored Condom Sampler 50-pack

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Yummy Condoms In Fruit Flavors

Fun flavors and safe sex! 50 latex condoms with flavored lubricant come in 10 each of Grape, Vanilla, Mint, Strawberry and Banana. Great for oral sex and they really taste good! Reservoir tip, straightwall design, FDA approved.

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I super love!!!
"My husband and I enjoyed our flavor condoms, especially the strawberry flavor!!! They work perfectly."
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Great taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Submitted 3/23/2009
I can't stop giving my husband blow jobs. Great taste without the gagging!!!!!!!!
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Works well... Submitted 7/20/2011
Before we bought these, my wife would avoid finishing me off. She loves most of the flavors (strawberry esp) and now I usually get a bj 1x per month just because of the flavors. It helps that she does not have to taste my fluids also.
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I GET TO GO IN HER MOUTH Submitted 9/13/2008
My wife would give me a blowjob but would never keep going when i came she would gag now she keeps it in till i'k done and it's GREAT will buy more.
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there worth it Submitted 11/18/2010
they taste good,flavor tastes as it says, smell good come in different colors,don't feel to bad I recommended them to all my girlfriends already
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YEEEESSSS. Submitted 4/3/2014
i first bought these because i figured it'd be a fun new thing in the bedroom. i have now bought them twice (and plan to a third time). my boyfriend and i love them. you really get the bang for your buck. plus we can have sex & i can blow him after without that nasty latex and gross lube flavor.
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too tight Submitted 2/9/2011
very disappointed,i mean im not that big but trying to get one on was ajob on its own they are very tight and i mean tight.
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Best product to get the blowjob done!! Submitted 11/16/2008
I cannot get an erection due to specific medications. However, my wife loves giving me oral sex but hates the taste of my fluids. I suggested this product and now she loves giving me as much oral satification as I give her. The condoms are surprisingly strong and yet very thin. Often I feel as if she has removed it and is now giving me oral with nothing between me and her mouth - I feel everything she does. She does not like the mint flavor and wishes chocolate was available. Great product!!!!!
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Great Condom Submitted 1/16/2010
Boyfriend and i use these all the time, I will not give him a Blow Job without 1 on...
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Fruity! Submitted 12/20/2013
Durable and the strawberry tastes good. I bought these because I don't like my boyfriend coming in my mouth i don't like the taste of the come and it's hot and I'm not a fan at all. Now my boyfriend has been bugging me to let him come inside my mouth and I just saw these condoms and I figured this would be a good shot if I can't do it with the flavored then it probably won't happen.. Now I've done it twice the strawberry again is awesome and so is the kiwi if you like kiwi and so is the banana :) definitely recommend getting this pack!
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makes wife happy Submitted 1/21/2009
the flavored condoms are a real treat for both of us. Definitely prefers the flavors to the regular condoms.
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