One night stands should be fun and not something you should feel guilty about the next morning. Find out how you can skip all the drama and enjoy a trouble-free one night stand.

Essential One Night Stand Tips

5 Must-Know One Night Stand Tips

There are times when a no-strings-attached hook up is just what you need. But one night stands can come with all kinds of drama. Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the worst problems that can come from casual sex.


Focus on the Now
Don’t discuss anything further in the future than that night. If conversation topics turn to upcoming events, answer with a “oh, that sounds nice” instead of “oh, I’d love to do that.” If you are projecting that you only want to concentrate on the next few hours, your partner-to-be should pick up on that.


Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best
Having a one night stand doesn’t mean you should settle for the first person you bump into. You’ll be much happier the next morning if you find a caring and attentive partner for your one night stand than the first person who said yes.


Be Sure Your Partner’s Single
You don’t want your one night stand to break up an existing relationship. The last thing you want is a jealous and/or angry ex chasing you down. If there’s any question about their marital status, steer clear.


Safety First!
It doesn’t matter if you’re on the pill, patch or any other form of birth control, always use a condom during your one night stand to reduce your chances of catching an STD.


Skip the Guilt Trip
Having a one night stand doesn’t need to be the guilt-filled walk of shame that some make it out to be. Two consenting adults can have a great time for a night, and then walk their separate ways the morning after. You’re not the first person to ever have a one-night stand, and you’re not going to be the last either!