Size matters a lot… at least when it comes to sex toys and vibrators. You can spend a ton of money on a vibrator that does everything but cook you breakfast the next morning. But if it doesn’t fit right, then you’ll never really enjoy it. This sex toy buyers guide walks you through everything you need to know about a vibrator or toy that fits you just right.

Find Your Sex Toy Size

How to Find Your Sex Toy Size

When people first start shopping for sex toys, they’re more focused on what each toy does than something boring like its actual size. But there’s nothing worse than getting a brand-new sex toy only to discover the hard way that it’s too big or too small!

Sex toys and vibrators come in a wide range of sizes. Some mini vibes measure just a half inch long and barely a quarter inch wide, while double dildos can easily stretch up to 18 inches long! Small vibrators are discreet and easy to take with you while big vibrators deliver more intense sensations. While there’s a lot less options when it comes to the width of a toy, a small difference can and will feel like a big deal when you try to use it. All this variety can make it hard to find a toy that fits your body perfectly, but Adam & Eve has developed a few time-tested methods over the years to make the process easier.

Method #1 – Measuring Up You can’t go wrong if you pick a sex toy that’s roughly the same size as your partner or your current favorite toy. Simply measure your partner to figure out his length and width and then look for a toy to match. If you always wished your partner was a little bigger, then this is the perfect chance to experiment a little. Just don’t too carried away, especially when it comes to width. You can still use your new toy even if it ends up being a little too long. But if your sex toy turns out too wide, it might end up being more painful than enjoyable.

Method #2 – The Goldilocks Method If you’re single and don’t have a sex toy you really like, then you should start somewhere in the middle. An average-sized dildo or vibrator measures about 6 inches long and 1 to 1.25 inches wide. After using your average-sized toy for a few weeks, you should have a pretty good idea whether your next toy needs to be a little smaller or a lot bigger. It might take you a few different tries, but eventually you’ll find a sex toy that’s not too little and not too big but fits you perfectly.

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