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Sexy, Sexy with a Sex Swing

Sex swings are the ultimate, indulgent sex toy. Very similar to a traditional "swing", sex swings have additional straps that offer extra support for those fancy moves. Sex Swings can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you give it a whirl, you won’t believe how it enhances your sex life. One of the most exhilarating features of a sex swing is the feeling of weightlessness and the sensation of floating on air. What could be better than having an orgasm that leaves you feeling as though you are drifting through space? Everyone can benefit from owning a sex swing; from couples looking to add a little spice and excitement to their regular routine, to individuals in search of a way for a more hands free masturbation session.

Using A Sex Swing

Sex swings definitely makes it easier for couples to assume positions that would otherwise be very difficult and uncomfortable to achieve, especially for those that are a bit overweight or that have physical limitations. Positions such as the reverse cowgirl are effortless whether it’s done with the woman strapped in the swing solo and the man beneath her laying on the bed or floor, or the man sitting in the swing with her in his lap. She will be able to ride her cowboy until he yippee ki yi yeas in ecstasy! With the woman bent over the swing and her man entering from behind in a standing position, Doggie-Style will be twice as much fun due to deeper penetration allowing for more G-Spot stimulation and a relief on the knees and back with the added support the sex swing provides. Men gain better access to tease and please her orally with her feet suspended in the foot straps and what a view for him, to see his lover spread eagle and waiting for him to ravish her! Couples can even give new meaning to the expression “sit and spin” when she is able to lower herself onto his shaft and rotate 360 degrees making sure to use plenty of sex lube for this one. Don’t try that on a bed!

It’s possible to get a little kinky while using the sex swing as well. For those who are a bit adventurous, there’s even a bondage swing so you can try tying each other up. Add a blindfold or tie a scarf over your partner’s eyes to mix it up and give them unexpected treats.

For those looking to explore and experiment by themselves, sex swings are a great way to achieve you favorite position and keep you comfortable for hours while you pleasure yourself. Women can use a suction cup based dildo or vibrator attached to the wall and use the swinging motion to thrust her way to a big O. She can also attach the toy to the floor and use the spring to bounce up and down for a different sensation.

The possibilities are endless for creative positions and thrilling sensations when using a sex swing. Don’t be afraid to branch out and add something new and fun like a swing to your repertoire. You may be orgasmically surprised!

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