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Best Sex Toys for Men

Cock rings, pocket pussies, masturbators, dongs and dildos, plugs, prostate stimulators, penis pumps, vibes…the choices for male sex toys are endless. They come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors and perform an endless variety of functions. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Adam & Eve has put together a list of our top ten male sex toys in each category to get you started down the path to orgasmic bliss.

Masturbators: Masturbators are hand-held toys meant to make male self-pleasuring more enjoyable. A very basic description of a male masturbator is a sleeve with two holes; one for the penis and one for cleaning. Perhaps the easiest male sex toy to use, simply slide your penis in and stroke until you orgasm, then clean. We recommend the Super Head Honcho Masturbator. Slip your erection between these lips for a “blow job” like no other.
For more information view our complete line of male masturbators.

Pocket Pussies: A pocket pussy is another form of male masturbator, however it resembles the female genitalia. It’s portability and discreetness makes it a great choice for a sex toy.
We recommend the Belladonna's Pocket Pussy. Let her tight ribbed walls hug and stimulate you to the most explosive orgasm ever.
For more information view our complete line of pocket pussies.

Cock Rings: Cock rings are a male sex toys that help men stay harder longer. Cock Rings are essentially stretchy rings made of jelly, rubber or silicone that you place at the base of your penis after becoming hard. There are even cock rings that will give you both pleasure.
We recommend the Adam & Eve Vibrating Couples Ring. This waterproof ring sends vibrations down your shaft to her clit, while the stretchy dual rings give you harder, longer erections.
For more information, and view our complete line of cock rings.

Prostate Stimulators: The prostate gland is a walnut shaped gland that produces a clear fluid that carries the sperm out of the body during ejaculation. Sometimes the gland is called the male g-spot or the “p-spot”. Regardless of sexual orientation, a man can have the most intense orgasm he’s ever had from having his prostate massaged with fingers or an anal sex toy.
We recommend the Rude-Boy Prostate Stimulator. Not only does it stimulate your prostate gland “P-Spot,” it also tantalizes your perineum or “taint” for earth-shattering climaxes.
For more information view our complete line of prostate stimulators.

Penis Pumps: Penis pumps aid in temporarily increasing the size of a man's erection. Penis pumps are kind of the opposite of most other pumps you’ve ever encountered. Instead of adding air to inflate as you would a sports ball, penis pumps " inflate? penis by removing air. This vacuum-like quality, in turn, causes rush Since erections depend on flow, this increased amount blood and enlarges the penis. The benefits are more noticeable when it comes to length, but many users also report a gain of girth.
We recommend the Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump. It’s perfect to make your wood grow tall, thick and hard!
For more information view our complete line of penis pumps.

Vibrators: Anal vibrators tend to be short and thin for easier anal penetration, while prostate vibrators also feature an enlarged tip to make it simpler for the user to find and stimulate the prostate. These battery-powered workhorses are a staple in the adventurous male’s toy collection.
We recommend the Classix Prostate Stimulator. Not only is it angled to reach your hot spot, inside the bulb tip is a powerful vibrating egg, ready to make your orgasming prostate cry for mercy!
For more information view our complete line of vibrators.

Dongs and dildos: Dildos and dongs are sex toys that can be used for anal penetration. These sex toys are made from a large selection of materials and are usually phallic-shaped. Unlike vibrators, dildos and dongs do not have a motorized component so you never have to worry about running low on battery power at a crucial moment! Couples can use dildos together or for solo play.
We recommend the So Real Realistic 8” Dildo. This life-like replica also comes in a 6” size.
For more information view our complete line of dildos and dongs.

Butt Plugs: A handy butt plug can open new doors of pleasure and excitement and like all good sex toys, can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. These plugs gently stretch open the anus for further exploration with fingers, toys, or another penis.
We recommend The Assifier. Plug your pucker with just the right size and shape! This anal sex toy is perfectly designed for the 1st time anal explorer – no bumps, no vibrations, no whopping size, and no worries! This anal plug is soft, flexible, and small enough to please and tease your backdoor!
For more information view our complete line of butt plugs.

Realistics and Love Dolls: Love Dolls were created to simulate sex. Most Love Dolls are female with three holes: oral, vaginal, and anal. A Love Doll’s intended purpose is for male masturbatory pleasure, but they are often used as gag gifts as well. There are varying qualities of Love Dolls, from the ultra-realistic and molded to the almost 2-dimensional non-realistic models, and every degree in between. Sometimes the “holes” on a Love Doll have a vibrator or pocket pussy / masturbator feature as well.
For more information view our complete line of love dolls.

Extensions And Sleeves: Penis extenders and sleeves can add length and girth to your manhood, while helping to keep your erection hard, making it one of the top sex toys for men. Plus, many have ribs or nubs on the outside to drive your partner wild.
We recommend the Cyberskin 4" Penis Extension. This wonder does double duty, adding two inches to your member and providing stimulating sensations.
For more information view our complete line of extensions and sleeves.


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