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Shipping at Adam and Eve

I normally don’t do this but I feel it deserves some feedback. I’m very impressed at the turnaround time for you to ship out my order. You’re faster than amazon, eBay, poshmark and things I get off IG shopping. Seriously, I couldn’t believe my order arrived so fast! Thank you and I’m already looking for my next toy. -Tracy B.

I received my order in a VERY timely manner. Not only was my order correct, but when I called for tracking information your staff was both helpful and polite! -Amanda T.

Was shipped out fast and received even faster -Michael S.

I just wanna say how awesome the company it.. My order was shipped and I received it in 3 days :) It was exactly want I ordered. Thank you for being so great. - Emily, CA

Just a note that we recieved our package today. Once again your Company provides better service than any other Company around. You gave us an expected arrival date, yet it came faster than we thought. Keep up the good work and you may be sure of one thing, we will be back and continue to buy from your great company. Also the items we purchased were like your catalog promised, not like some of the other shady characters out there that sell adult items. Keep up the Great work. - Michelle

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived on-time and was exactly what I was expecting. Thanks for being the best at what you do. You are #1 on my list. - Jeffrey

"You are great - so fast, so professional! I am truly impressed with your service. Thank you for all your help!"

Thank you for your message and information. You are welcome for my business. I appreciate how your company stays in touch and gives details to the customer about their product and shipping, step by step. Something that I ordered was not in stock, and I was told, then told again when it was being shipped. It made expecting it in the mail less stressed (ie: "when is going to get here?" "Did it get lost?" etc etc). And I really appreciated that. Thank you again! I'm sure I will purchase from your secure website again :) - Lydia

Hey guys, I am so excited I recieved my order today even though I wasn't expecting it until the 12th. The packing was an excellent job, well done with confidentially in mind. You guys are by far my best choice for adult products and you have my references to others. I will be ordering again from you guys. May your staff and families have a happy, safe, and blessed holiday season. - Carleton, Bronx, NY

Every thing was wonderful you guys are so great at getting things delivered on time and having great quality and awesome customer service. Thanks. - Emily

After I purchased... I started to wonder... Im in canada, the package is from the states... what will you write on the customs form?!?! Im a private gal, sex toys is something I don't want everyone knowing I have :) But when I got the package, all the customs form said was inside was a massager which was the best description :) (since I ordered a vibator) I thank you for being very decreet and private when it comes to packaging. Keep up the great work and you have earned a new customer :) I'll be back! :) and I'll recommend your site as well!! :) Thanks! - Tasha

I want to tell you that I have been completely satisfied with your company and don't even want to shop in my neighborhood stores. I will gladly wait for my purchases from you as they always come in a quick and timely manner....Thank You......I have always been impressed with your quick responses and order delivery in a timely manner etc. I have been impressed with you since DAY ONE that I began my business with you.. and I will continue my business only with you. Me and my man are dedicated customers. P.S. You are on top of the game of life pleasures for couples... - Cynthia, St. Petersburg, FL


I just wanted to say that you all do an awesome job with this site! I live in New Zealand and receive my items within 3-4 weeks and I am always stoked :) I have told friends worldwide about you and your great products :) I will always be a loyal customer :) Thank You - Jasmene, New Zealand

"I received my first order today here in England. With the pound to dollar exchange I saved almost 70% on local prices in England even considering the custom charge of some $25. Prices here are high partly because of British attitudes to sex and associated aids. Your service has been excellent and I am happy with the value of the ordered items."
-Ton, Warrington, UK  

Just wanted you to know I received everything I ordered in top quality condition and faster than I thought. Would you give a "thumbs up" to the people in the shipping department for me. And a pat on the back for yourself...good job all!I think having privacy, quality merchandise and fast shipping is something many people ask themselves every time they make a purchase online. and the more people who confirm that the better. - Randy

I recently ordered a gift for my wife for her Birthday. After ordering and placing everything in motion I realized much to my dismay that I had selected the incorrect shipping method and that my product would arrive much later than her birthday. As we are newlyweds, I was quite upset with myself. I immediately emailed and asked if there was a way I could up the shipping to get it here in time for her birthday. After sending my request, my product arrived on my doorstep within 5 days. This was the most wonderful service I've ever had in my entire life. I will use your products and shop at your site for the rest of my (love) life. I will also be informing all of my friends about your company and your service. I heard about you through Howard Stern (in case you wondered for advertising), and have been just so amazingly stunned by the service I recieved, I wanted to send this Thank You. I really appreciate all the dedication to your business. - Brian & Kim, San Fransisco, CA

Your fantastic! Thank you so much. We will definitely be a returning customer! Love that the packaging is so discrete! You guys totally rock! - Christy

"Thanks you so much for replacing my defective item! And thanks for the super fast delivery. You guys really go above and beyond to make sure your customer is satisfied. You guys are the best!"

I recently ordered some items from this company for the first time. I enjoyed the way that you informed me of every detail of the shipment of my products. The products were exactly what you said they would be. Some places will tell you one thing then send another unlike what's in the book. I didn't have that problem from Adam & Eve. I like how everything is packaged in plastic and it's own individual wrappers. I wouldn't change anything about the items nor the company. My vibes did the job they were suppose to do. - Laquay