About Us

Our Sex Positive Policy: Laying Out the Details

Adam & Eve executives recognize they have a certain responsibility to present customers with only the best adult items on the market. They rose to the challenge by creating one of the industry's most rigorous product review processes. Every movie, book and magazine we sell is examined by a specially trained employee to make sure they do not depict negative or harmful sexual imagery. Following the employee's approval, the items are shipped out-of-house to a therapist or psychologist licensed by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) for similar review and to ensure the items do not contain any indications of coercion, denigration or harmful acts. Only then will we offer an item for sale to the public. This ensures that every item Adam & Eve sells depicts a positive and healthy portrait of human sexuality.

Adam & Eve also encourages consenting adults to think "sex positive" and be aware that they have the right and opportunity to enjoy safe sexual experiences within their own personal boundaries. To that end, Adam & Eve works on three different areas:

  • Inform adults about issues, trends and cultural influences on the sexual experience.
  • Advocate sexual honesty while encouraging adults to exercise their political influence to maintain their freedom.
  • Entertain adults while helping them to view sex as a healthy, normal and positive experience that can be enjoyed within the privacy of one's own home.