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Sex Position of the Month

Summer Lovin'
A more intimate version of the cowgirl, this position increases the closeness and connection you share with your lover. It starts with the man sitting upright, preferably against the headboard or a wall for lower back support. The woman then sits in his lap, and they wrap their arms around each other to create a more intimate connection. The position is perfect for a slow and sensual pace.

Dr. Kat

Do you live the sexy life?
Check out the new http://www.drkat.com for sex, dating and relationship info and find out what people, places and things I have crushes on. There are lots of ways you can live a sexier, more passionate life. Come on, live the sexy life.

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You can Ask Dr. Kat by emailing her at ask@drkat.com.

Dear Dr. Kat,

I'm a healthy, well-adjusted 40 year old woman who loves sex. I have no interest in getting married or of even getting in a long term relationship. I like that I can have sex when and with whom I want. The problem is that most of my friends and family don’t understand this. They're afraid that I'm becoming an "old maid" by engaging in my "slutty" ways. They don't understand how I can seduce men and just have sex without being emotionally tied to the person. I'd be happy to welcome a regular sexual relationship, but I like that I have the option to fuck someone else. Until recently I was pretty secure in how I felt, but now I'm questioning if maybe there is something wrong with me. Why can't I be like everyone else?

Sexually Secure In Seattle?

Dear Sexually Secure,

Unless there are some other factors that you're not mentioning here, it does indeed seem as though you are well-adjusted and healthy. Unfortunately, our culture does not yet positively reinforce strongly sexual women. You seem to be experiencing the brunt of the myth through the comments of your friends and family, regarding their fears of you becoming an "old maid". But since many people often feel threatened by a woman with strong sexual prowess, they don't yet have vocabulary that reaches beyond the term of "slut".

As long as you are taking care of yourself (sexually, and otherwise) and are not acting out in a detrimental manner (e'.g. not using condoms, or having sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol), and as long as you are having consensual sex with another adult…enjoy! You seem to have the ability to separate love from sex, and can benefit by enjoying sex just for the simple blissful act it can be.

As with anyone, I would suggest that you examine your motivations for choosing the sexual lifestyle you've chosen to live, however. Ask yourself, "Am I just avoiding developing emotional intimacy with someone? Am I possibly, commitment-phobic?" If the answer is that you are completely emotionally fulfilled on your own and don't feel the need to be defined by another person, then you may feel reassured in your sexual practices. For, there are many women out there nowadays who are so secure in their sexuality, that they can feel free to proactively pursue a variety of sexual relationships with men (and other women, of course). As long as you are being honest with yourself about your inner needs, I see no issue with your choice of remaining sexually assertive and unattached.

You may find that this pattern of sexual behavior lasts for the rest of your life or that perhaps after a period of time you may look to develop a more permanent emotional relationship. Sexuality can be much more fluid than one realizes. Either way, the beauty of you choosing to live your life in a sexually bold manner is to be applauded. If you're doing what feels good in the context that works for you, have at it.

Dr. Kat

Dr Kat & Her Gay Boyfriend

Listen to Dr. Kat's FREE iTunes Podcast
here: http://www.drkat.com/Listen.html See what all the buzz is about! Sex Chat is TOP 20 of Sexuality podcasts on iTunes!

Hi I'm Dr. Kat, Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist. Join my gay "boyfriend", Ross and I on the couch as we dish about celebrity sex and relationships, sex in the news, what sex toys we like, the nitty gritty of our own relationships and all the while answering your questions about sex, dating, marriage, STDs, sex ed, and the trials and tribulations of life and love in general. It's a 2 for 1 as you get your sex questions answered from both of our perspectives and we have a lot of fun while we're at it. Find out more at www.DrKat.com and e-mail us your questions at sexchat@drkat.com or call our
24/7 Listener Line at 213-270-1968

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Ohh la la Cartoon

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Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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Adam&Eve VOD

If you're expecting an article about building your very own bottle rockets from scratch, then you're going to be disappointed. If you want to create some fireworks in the bedroom, then you've come to the right place.

Creating an explosive sex life isn't hard, but it does require time and effort. The first step involves getting to know your partner. Building up intimacy and trust is an ongoing project that even older couples still have to work at. Try combining relationship building with foreplay by trying one of our adult games. These games are very foreplay friendly and many of them involve learning things about your partner that you never would've guessed.

From there, it's important to create intimacy solely for the sake of intimacy. Whether it's a romantic movie or a soothing massage with exotic oils, your entire focus should be on your partner. You shouldn't be thinking about what might happen next or about what they might do to "pay you back." Instead make it clear that you're doing this without the expectation of pay back and solely to make them happy. The rewards, when they come later, will be even greater!

The next step involves introducing sex toys to your relationship. Start off small with something you both can enjoy like cock rings. Cock rings stimulate her clit while boosting his endurance and size at the same time, so they're very popular among couples. Next, you might want to try a mid-level rabbit vibrator or something similar. Just be sure you continue to use the toy together — that's the really important part.

Once you both become accustomed to using toys during sex, it's time to branch out and start experimenting. Kinky bondage is hot right now, and we've got plenty of kits that let you try being both the sub and the dom. Pegging, otherwise known as role reversal, is also becoming more and more popular. And if neither of those float your boat, you can always invent your own kinky role playing game. Just remember to keep trying new things, new toys and new positions, and you'll always enjoy fireworks in the bedroom.

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Whether it's a full-blown cruise, a weekend at the lake, or a lazy afternoon by the pool, there's no better way to increase your vacation pleasure than with some sexy new summer gear! Try out these must-haves for hot fun:

1. A Very Brief Bikini. Make the most of your hot bod while the weather is warm! Pick up a barely-there stunner to inspire wild sexual encounters out by the pool or in the bedroom. Guys, be the cock of the walk in the ultra-revealing Net Pouch Enhancer or take command in the Sheer Camo Pouch Short. Ladies, look so luscious and lickable in styles so bare-all, you're practically skinny dipping! Try the bright Tease & Please Halter Set or be his summer siren in the Cheekee Fishnet Short.

2. Waterproof Pleasures. Fun in the shower, tub, or spa, these versatile toys prepare you to go anywhere for wild, wet, uninhibited orgasms! Make the waterproof We-Vibe Touch your go-to vibrator and leave her pussy drenched! Or dive into wet & wild anal play with the ass-stounding Waterproof Prostate Massager!

3. Discreet Fun. Go incognito on your trip and feel like a secret sex toy spy! The Studio Collection Vibrators look like Lipstick, Mascara, and a Blush Brush— but they pack a powerful secret buzz!

4. Cool Kits At Hot Prices. Grab one of Adam & Eve's sexy kits for a great price, and let us do your vacation seduction packing! Get the blowjob of the century with the Good Head Kit For Him. Share a 50 Shades Of Grey style bondage fantasy with the Adam & Eve Bedroom Bondage Kit. Or try out every sex toy you've ever dreamed of experimenting with in the Extreme Toyz Collection!

There are so many ways to enjoy some hot summer fun — whether you're getting away from it all or staying in! Start shopping now, and grab some super-hot deals on sexy summer essentials.

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Candida Royalle

Candidly Speaking
by Candida Royalle
© Femme Productions ®

I believe in keeping politics out of the bedroom, but lately, as the presidential campaign heats up, it seems like politics are forcing their way in to our bedrooms! I'm talking about the debate over birth control. As a woman who came of age just after the birth control pill liberated women from having to worry about getting pregnant every time they made love, it's shocking to me that we’re even engaging in this discussion. Obviously someone is trying to turn the clock back by nearly half a century.

In light of this rather confounding situation, it occurred to me that probably very few of you know that the issue of birth control is actually what gave birth, so to speak, to the Adam & Eve catalog. So I thought it might be interesting to share with you our humble beginnings, and give a shout-out to the founding President of Adam & Eve, Phil Harvey, considered to be "one of the worlds leading purveyors of 'adult entertainment'", according to The Economist. ("Well Endowed: Phil Harvey sells sexual entertainment to the rich, then helps the poor", 10/7/04)

It began in the late '60's when, studying at the University of North Carolina, Harvey did his masters degree on non-medical ways of promoting family planning. As part of his thesis, he sold condoms to students through the post, even though marketing such "obscene" items by mail was illegal at the time. After graduating, Harvey saw a void in the market place for easily attainable birth control and founded Adam & Eve, then a small paper catalog, in order to reach people in even the tiniest rural areas across the United States. In so doing, he came up against and, at his own expense, successfully took on the prudish policies that would make it nearly impossible for a married couple to have control over their own family planning. Eventually, Harvey added "marital aides" to the list of offerings, believing firmly that couples have the right to safely purchase products that enhance their intimacy. Adam & Eve is now considered to be the biggest mail-order and on-line retailer of sex toys and adult films.

Phil Harvey went on to found a highly respected non-profit group that specializes in distributing condoms, pills and other forms of birth control in some of the poorest parts of the world, helping young struggling couples obtain otherwise unavailable family planning.

Accessing reliable birth control is something we tend to take for granted these days. But we would not be so fortunate were it not for the vision and dedication of people like Phil Harvey.

Candida Royalle is a former star of the blue movie screen who in 1984 created Femme Productions® and pioneered the genre of woman-friendly adult erotica. In 1999, she launched the Euro-designed Natural Contours® line of high-style discreet intimate products. She's the author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman who Knows; and a sought after speaker on topics ranging from how to have great sex to the politics of free expression. Royalle's product lines are available through AdamEve.com. For more information about Candida Royalle, visit www.candidaroyalle.com.

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Adam&Eve Hot Chat

In the Seinfeld show episode called "The Contest," Jerry and the gang wager to see who could go the longest without masturbating. Hilarity ensues.

And the funny thing is, the word "masturbation" isn't used once in the entire show!
You just don't talk about it. But everyone does it or has done it or will do it again. Quietly. Alone. In private. Masturbation is no doubt the second most popular sex act of all time (in first place, depending on who you ask —right, George?).

Doctors in 1712 believed masturbation or "onanism" caused men to become weak and prone to mental disorders. Women were forbidden to masturbate too.

Mark Twain lectured about masturbation in a 1879 speech called "Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism" given to an all-male dinner party. Twain says "Of all the various kinds of sexual intercourse, this has the least to recommend it. As an amusement, it is too fleeting; as an occupation, it is too wearing; as a public exhibition, there is no money in it."

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