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September 2013  

Forbidden Fruit
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Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
Can Pheromones Make Sex Hotter?
Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
Valentine's Gift Guide
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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

Lazy Doggy
The woman lies face down on the bed with her legs parted. The male slides in from behind, using his arms and knees to support himself. Add a pillow or two underneath her hips to elevate them for easier and more comfortable penetration. This position is great for kinky bondage fun as well as clitoral stimulation

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at ask@drkat.com

Strong Vagina Pushes Erect Penis Out

Dr. Kat,
When I orgasm, I push my husbands erect penis out of my vagina.  I have extremely strong orgasms using almost all of my muscles, but this only started happening about 8 years ago (we've been married for 26 years). He tries to stay inside me, we use different positions to deter this happening and it doesn't seem to help. I do kegel exercises to keep myself strong there thinking that would help, but it just ain't happening. Please help us, I would love to complete an orgasm with his penis inside me. It feels so much better than without. Appreciate your advice, helpful and humorous at the same time ;0)
Sincerely, Wendy

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›› Spice Up This Valentine's Day With Pheromones! ›› Did You Know Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life?

Ever been dancing your way through a crowded club and suddenly caught a whiff of something… intoxicating? Then you've likely experienced the head-turning power of sex pheromones.

Sex pheromones are the chemical signals men and women give off to attract mates. Your natural pheromones subconsciously affect your every sensual interaction. That's right: pheromones could be the difference between the kiss-off and the kiss that gets you invited into the bedroom.

So in today's option-filled dating world, many people like to 'turn up the volume' on their natural attraction with pheromones. And of course Adam & Eve has the perfect weapons for your attraction arsenal: new Adam Pheromone Cologne and Eve Pheromone Perfume. Each potent formula is infused with the powerful pheromone androstenone to augment your sex appeal.

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Every January and into the rest of the winter, millions of Americans are huffing and puffing, contorting their bodies into strange and wild positions – inside gyms and workout spaces.

It's part of each New Year's resolution cycle of losing and gaining weight, following weeks of feasting that began on Thanksgiving Day.

No one wants or needs more stress or anxiety over losing weight, but it may help you to know the other – more sexual – benefits of exercise.

Working out to improve muscle tone, increase blood flow of the body and improving agility have big payoffs in the bedroom. Agility is hugely important for balance and for how you position yourself for sexual activities. Agility is also important for feeling comfortable and confident during various sexual positions.

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›› Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Can't decide what to get? Check out our top recommendations for him and her!

We-Vibe 4
With a new compact design that better fits your body, as many as 60 different vibration settings to try, and an improved wireless remote, the latest We-Vibe is on everyone's wish list! Valued by couples worldwide for their unique ability to be used during sex to stimulate her clit and G-Spot and his penis, We-Vibes are some of the hottest and most popular sex toys on the market. And the We-Vibe 4 is the best one yet!

16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator
This wild hare will drive you insane with orgasmic thrills! This is the Rabbit you've been waiting for: a 7" long soft jelly shaft with a realistic penis tip that twists and rotates on your most sensitive spots, with 4 speeds and 6 spinning modes so you can have it exactly the way you want it! Rows of metal beads provide even more stimulation! The jelly clit-bunny vibrates and pulses in 10 separate modes and 4 speeds that drive you to screaming orgasms! And it's waterproof for wet adventures! Removable tri-pack battery loader uses 3 AA batteries, sold separately.

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