Almost everyone’s heard that anal sex makes you gay. While most people today realize this isn’t true, anal sex remains a big mystery for most people. Check out some of the most common myths about anal sex – including some you probably believe in – and find out if they’re really fact or fiction.

The Truth About 5 Anal Sex Myths

While more people than ever are trying anal sex, it’s still shrouded in myths, rumors and misconceptions. Just look at all the people today who still claim that anal sex can make you gay! When Adam and Eve conducted an informal poll about anal sex, we kept getting some of the same reactions over and over again. So we asked Adam & Eve's very own sexpert Dr. Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT and CST, to help us separate the anal facts from the myths.

#1 Anal Sex is Messy.

Image 1268674: Ultra Douche for cleaning before anal penetration

Myth. Contrary to popular belief, the anus itself is surprisingly clean. The body actually stores fecal matter higher up in the intestines beyond the reach of any sex toy or penis. You’ll be fine as long as you make sure to wipe thoroughly after relieving yourself and shower regularly. If you’re still concerned about cleanliness, then you can always use an enema or anal douche beforehand.

#2 Anal Sex is Dangerous.

Mostly Myth. The anus does contain some bacteria and microbes that could be potentially harmful, but only if they’re transferred to the vagina. This is why anal-to-vaginal contact is never a good idea – despite what you might see in some adult movies. As long as you don’t switch back and forth between anal and vaginal penetration, you’ll be perfectly safe.

#3 You Don’t Need to Use Protection During Anal Sex.

Image 1331380: group of assorted condoms for engaging in safe anal sex

Truth and Myth depending on your reasons for using protection. You can’t get pregnant from anal sex. But you can still catch sexually transmitted diseases. It’s actually easier to catch some STDs during anal sex.

#4 Anal Sex Stretches You Out So You Have to Use a Colostomy Bag.

Myth. The more you have anal sex, the easier it becomes. Many people think this is because their sphincter muscles are getting stretched out. In reality, it’s a combination of your muscles becoming more flexible and you becoming more comfortable with engaging in anal sex.

#5 Only Gay Men or Virgins Enjoy Anal Sex.

Image 1478722: Adam's Triple Vibrating Probe, an anal vibe used by men for prostate stimulation

Myth. Absolutely anyone can enjoy anal sex – whether they’re straight or gay, male or female. Men are just more likely to enjoy anal sex than women because of their prostate. The prostate, known as the male G-Spot for its ability to strengthen male orgasms, requires some form of anal penetration for direct stimulation. This is one of the reasons why more and more straight men are experimenting with anal toys and even role reversal or pegging.