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Ultra Douche

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Gets your tush squeaky clean!

A simple squirt or two with the Ultra Douche is all it takes to make your tush sparkling clean and ready for some anal thrills!

• Simple squeeze bulb controls the water flow
• Sleek and comfortable for easy penetration and use
• Take it apart easily for a thorough cleaning
• Tip made from firm plastic for easy penetration
• Measures 0.75 inch across and 4 inches long, insertable

To use the Ultra Douche, squeeze the bulb and dip the tip into a bowl of warm water. Once the bulb fills up with water, you’re ready for the next step. Spread some lube around the tip and the intended target. Then slide the tip inside and gently squeeze the bulb again to send a wave of cleansing warm water through your partner. Repeat as needed until the water comes out clear and clean. Be sure to use the ultra douche in the tub or shower to cut down on the mess.

The plastic tip is smooth and super slim, measuring only 0.75 inches across and 4 inches long, so even anal beginners won’t have a problem fitting it inside.

You can even pop the plastic tip right off the squeeze bulb to make cleaning easier.

Adam and Eve recommends the Ultra Douche for men and women interested in anal penetration or anal sex.

The douche is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based or silicone-based sex lubes. After using the douche, take it apart and wash each part thoroughly using hot water and antibacterial soap and rinse them clean. Once the douche dries, reassemble and store it in a cool, dark place.

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Cal Exotics
Male, Female
4.0 inches
0.75 inches
"I'm a first time user of this type of product. This version was easy to use and clean."
A must have
"Love it. A must have for clean fun."
good product
"must have for anal users, really cleans you out!"
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Verified Purchase
Never Thought I'd Say This....Awesome Douche! Submitted 10/14/2017
I have seen mixed reviews for this anal douche, but I went ahead and bought it, because the good reviews were really good and the bad reviews were really bad. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews! I can guarantee that it amounted to user error. I noticed as soon as I used this the first time that after you fill the bulb and are going to attach the top tube to it, you need to pull up the sleeve and make sure that all three rings on the tube are completely secure in the bulb (its takes a little bit of wiggling to get that last ring secure), otherwise it will disassemble itself while you are using it. This is a great douche and I highly recommend it, leaves you feeling completely clean and ready for any kind of anal play :)
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comfortable to use Submitted 2/11/2012
Very comfortable to insert. Must keep positive pressure to avoid back flow. Delivers plenty of solution/water per squeeze. After 3-4 bulbs full of water I was "full" and cleaned out. Would recomend to any one for anal play.
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Gently does the job Submitted 11/16/2011
Good: very gentle, yet effective tip well designed. Not-so-good: need to be careful to maintain bulb pressure until tip is removed to prevent back flow a lit longer tip with a curve would help a drying/storage accessory would be useful
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Confirmed purchaser
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/29/2017
Pros: Let me start by saying this is the first one I have ever bought. That being said, I loved how easy it was to fill it up. And it hold more that enough to clean you out. Plus, it can double as a small dildo. This this is great. Cons: Not much bad to say. Maybe a different color?
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nice&clean Submitted 1/12/2015
At first rather clumsy problem on me personally I didn't know what to do at first..A small how to would of helped..Also a why to do this .. but that is more on me than the product. Suggest Lube! (and expect a bit of a mess don't eat before). Easy to fill but as full as possible..It should go in fairly easy and don't be afraid there is more than plenty room of it to fit but let it go in easy and don't force but when you feel The head snug, squeeze steadily and until fully into youand with draw but try to hold the water yes you will notice it a bit mess but leave it off to the side until you flush out. Usually doesn't take long. but take apart and clean everything separately then redo go back up to step one and do it as many times as you feel nearness and so you are nice and clean. It is durable strong plastic and bends easily. And to be able to clean all three pieces is very important. Very easy to use when you get your own system down....works very well...
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Recycled garbage masquerading as a tool. Submitted 1/17/2018
Ok so maybe its not that bad, but here is the very first thing that struck me on seeing this device in person. It is TINY. I mean ridiculously small. The volume of water it holds is almost exactly one loose handful, which for a device that is supposed to put water somewhere as its primary purpose, is a big flaw. The next thing I noticed was that the bulb itself was far too stiff to squeeze easily. It felt more like an oddly shaped ketchup bottle than the soft rubber ball you might expect by looking at the picture. Overall: useless. I honestly threw it out within the first week.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Effective Submitted 11/24/2017
It fits in really easily. I didnt even need to use lube although, I would probably recommend it. It is easy to take apart for cleaning but also doesnt leak out the sides. You do need to be careful about the water coming back out of the tip, however. Cleaned me out nicely making my toy play safer, better, and easier to clean up.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Easy Submitted 3/14/2018
I'm a first time user of this type of product. This version was easy to use and clean.
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its ok Submitted 7/8/2012
the top nozzle sprays in 4 directions outwards and up at the tip. makes for low pressure and for an anal douche sometimes the holes get a lil clogged. not terrible for the price but you may want to consider a different model
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
cleans you out Submitted 7/19/2017
Works as advertised
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