The Guide to Sex was created with a simple mission: inspire adults to have amazing sex. It’s a pretty simple sounding goal but not as easy to do as you might think. Learn more about Adam and Eve’s Guide to Sex and find out how to make your sex life even hotter!

Welcome to Adam & Eve's Guide to Sex

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The Guide to Sex is a one-stop resource center where you can learn about all the different parts of sex, including sex toys, relationships and health! The guide is split into six major categories, each focusing on a different aspect of sex to cover any and all questions you might have.

Welcome to Adam and Eve's Guide to Sex

The Product Guides section is filled with helpful information about sex toys and vibrators as well as lingerie, lube and other adult items. You can learn all about buying the best sex toys, how to use vibrators to maximize your pleasure, and how to care your toys afterward. If you’ve never used an adult product before, then visit Sex Toys 101 or Vibrators 101 to learn everything you need to know before you buy one!

Sex Tips & Advice is where the action’s at! Find fun and creative ways to enhance your sex life from kissing and foreplay to the big O. You can learn how to find her G-Spot or his prostate and get tips for having sex in the shower. Be sure to check out some illustrated sex positions too. You might just find a new position or two to try!

Relationship Advice covers a wide range of helpful topics whatever your current status might be. You can get advice about finding the best online dating site or the right time to tell someone you love them. You can learn about making up after a fight and get tips for hooking up too!

Sexual Health & Education explores your body and general wellness. Men can find facts about prostate cancer, ED and premature ejaculation. Women can find out facts about breast cancer, how to do Kegel exercises and more. You can also learn all about safe sex, STDS and sexuality.

The Adam & Blog adds a fun spin on the latest news and events. You can also check out some of our funniest sex toy reviews and get a sneak peek at our newest sex toys!

The Adult Dictionary defines all the sex-related terms that we use on If you’ve ever wondered what zipper sex is, then you look it up here.