Have you ever come across some sex toy term or slang phrase and pretended to know what it meant while not really having a clue? Then Adam and Eve's Adult Dictionary is made for you! The Adult Dictionary has hundreds of different terms, covering every from the A-Spot to Zipper Sex, so you can find what you need to know - and avoid any potential misunderstandings with your partner! 

Sex Dictionary

When it comes to sex, it sometimes seems like it has its very own lingo. There are so many different terms and phrases about sexual activities, relationship issues, sexual health, and everything else pertaining to sex that it's impossible to keep track of them all. And it gets even more complicated when you throw sex toys into the mix too.

This dictionary was originally created for new Adam and Eve employees to explain the more common sex-related slang they might run into. We've cleaned it up and expanded it since then to include some of the more common adult lingo you might encounter. We hope that you find it just as useful for increasing your sexual knowledge.



The erogenous zone near the prostate gland, considered the male G-spot for the intense orgasms it can deliver with proper stimulation.


Describes several sexual positions that involve someone picking their partner up and holding him or her in the air during intercourse.

All Sex

An adult movie genre consisting of titles that focus entirely on sexual intercourse without any plot or story elements.


Adult movies featuring people who are new to the adult industry. It's common for experienced adult stars to appear in multiple amateur titles at the beginning of their careers.


Sexual penetration involving the anus, also called Greek style.

Anal Beads

String of beads made for anal insertion. The beads are attached to a strong cord and usually increase in size gradually from smaller to larger so users of all levels of experience can use them. The beads also typically include a cord or large pull ring at the end for safe and easy removal.

Anal Lube

A special kind of lube intended for anal penetration. Anal lube tends to be thicker and longer lasting than other kinds of lube, which can make it harder to clean up.

Anal Vibrator

A vibrator designed for anal use. Anal vibrators usually measure 3 to 5 inches long and 1 inch wide at the most, making them shorter and thinner than other vibrators.


A formal term for performing oral sex on a partner's anus. The act usually involves licking in and around the anus itself and inserting the tongue inside the anus. Practitioners follow a simple motto: "Once you get past the smell, you've got it licked."


Something believed to increase a person's sexual drive and lower inhibitions. For instance, most Americans believe oysters and chocolate are effective aphrodisiacs.


The practice of using specific scents such as vanilla or cinnamon to increase arousal and enhance your sexual experience.


Stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR involves sexual stimulation through the use of special tactile, visual and audio stimuli.

Baby Doll

A short nightgown or negligee often decorated with lace, ruffles, bows or ribbons made out of some see-through, smooth material. They are often tight around the chest to emphasize the breasts and loose-fitting elsewhere.

Back Door

A reference to any form of anal penetration either by a sex toy or during sex itself.

Ball Gag

A large ball that is attached to two straps and then tightened around the back of the head, holding it securely in the wearer's mouth. Usually made of soft plastic or rubber, a ball gag is often used in BDSM play to silence the submissive.


Vaginal or anal penetration without a condom.


An abbreviation standing for Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism, a sexual fetish that centers on the exercise of control between two or more partners by using restraints and punishment. In a BDSM relationship, one person will be the master or mistress while the other acts as their servant. Practitioners often dress up in exotic leather or vinyl costumes and incorporate exotic sex toys like whips, candles and restraints as they act out their fantasies.


A string of smallish spheres linked together on a string used for vaginal and anal penetration. There are usually six or seven beads of varying size on each string.


1. Slang for vagina.

2. A special type of clitoral vibrator. Beaver vibes feature a long, thick tip for clitoral stimulation instead of the two smaller tips found on rabbit vibrators.


A chemical commonly used in adult items to de-sensitize the nerves, making it harder for the user to have an orgasm. This delay allows the user to have sex for a longer period than usual without weakening the feeling behind the orgasm itself.

Ben Wa Balls

This adult toy is made up of several balls connected together on a sturdy cord. Inside each ball is a small suspended weight that shakes and vibrates whenever you move the ball, similar to the way Chinese worry balls work. Naturally, physically active users will benefit the most from this toy. Ben-Wa balls can also be used in combination with Kegel exercises to strengthen vaginal and pelvic muscles.


Someone sexually attracted to members of both sexes.


Oral sex performed on a male.

Blow-up Dolls

An adult toy used to simulate having sex with a partner. These inflatable dolls include arms, legs, facial features, hair, and can even be dressed like a large doll. Female blow-up dolls have as many as three openings suitable for sex, while male dolls feature a removable dildo or vibrator that doubles as a penis. Higher-end dolls often feature a special masturbator for improved stimulation. The term originally started to reference lower-end dolls that required the user to inflate them before use, but is increasingly used to refer to love dolls in general.

Blue Movies

An older expression used to describe adult movies.

Breast Banging

A sexual position where the person on the receiving end places a penis or toy between her breasts, squeezes her breasts together and rapidly thrusts the penis or toy between them, simulating penetration.

Breast Worship

Paying special attention to the breasts and nipples. It can involve everything from large amounts of fondling, kissing, and nipple sucking to breast banging and ejaculating on the breasts.

Body Stocking

A form-fitting piece of lingerie, usually see-through, that covers the body from head to toe.


A sexual activity that involves restraining or being restrained. It typically involves using handcuffs or wrist and leg restraints to tie your partner to a bed.


Slang for a larger-than-average butt.


The person on the receiving end during sex; mostly used to describe gay sex.

Box Munching

Oral sex performed on a woman.


A type of waxing that involves removing all of a woman's pubic hair.


A bulb-like shape or projection larger than the surrounding area. Many G-spot and prostate vibrators feature this kind of enlarged tip for more effective and easier stimulation. These largish features are often found on vibrators, dildos and dongs and butt plugs because of their special feel during penetration and removal.

Bullet Proof

Practicing safe sex by using a condom.

Bump and Grind

A common dance routine that involves rotating the hips and thrusting the pelvis forward to simulate sex.


A piece of lingerie that extends from the breasts to the waist to provide extra support while enhancing cleavage.


A small vibrator, usually around 2 to 4 inches long, used mainly for clitoral stimulation and to enhance other sex toys.

Butt Plugs

Designed specifically for anal stimulation, these sex toys measure 3 to 5 inches long. They tend to have a conical shaft with a thin tip that flares out to about 1 to 2 inches wide near the bottom. Butt plugs have a large, flat base designed to prevent them from slipping in too far.

Butterfly Vibrator

A specialty vibrator lined with ticklers that's intended for clitoral stimulation only. Butterfly vibes often come with straps so the user can fit them into place over her clitoris and wear the butterfly vibe like a pair of panties. The inside is covered with ticklers for clitoral stimulation.

Camel Toe

A piece of fabric that is either see-through or tight enough to reveal the outline of a woman's vagina.

Cami or Camisole

A tight-fitting piece of sleeveless lingerie that covers the upper portion of the body. Camis are increasingly serving as outerwear, particularly on the red carpet.


a loose-fitting garment extending from the neck down to mid-thigh. Chemises are longer and looser fitting than Baby dolls.


Describes vibrators, dildos, dongs, or other adult toys that are shorter and thicker than their average size. For instance, average-sized dildos are 6 to 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Chubby dildos are about 4 to 6 inches long and 2 to 2.5 inches wide.


Slang for the anus.


One of many phrases used to describe having an orgasm.


Short for clitoris, it is the small, erect part of the female genitalia located near the front of the labia. This button-like spot contains thousands of nerve endings, making it highly sensitive.

Clitoral Vibrator

Any kind of vibrator that provides clitoral stimulation, including rabbit vibes, butterfly vibes and more.


Located near the top of the vagina, this is the only part of the human body existing solely to provide pleasure.


Not wearing any underwear.


A type of adult movie containing a large number of sex scenes selected from other adult movies and sold at a lower-than-usual price.


To engage in sexual intercourse.


A piece of lingerie that fits under the breasts and snugly around the waist. Corsets often include under-wire bras to shape cleavage as well.


Adult movies or toys designed expressly for couples. Couple-friendly movies generally balance romantic story lines with chemistry-filled sex. Couple-friendly toys are often made to be used during sex, such as We-Vibes or penis rings.


Adult movies that contain scenes featuring just two people. The sex in couples adult movies is usually more lifelike and realistic than other adult titles.


Sexual position where the recipient is on top and facing their partner.


Adult movie term for when a man ejaculates inside his partner.


The formal term for oral sex performed on a woman.


The act of having sexual relations over the Internet, usually by way of a live feed such as a webcam. This often involves erotic chatting between multiple partners, with masturbation likely from one or more parties.


Special patented material that looks and feels like human skin. It's often used to make realistic sex toys, including dildos, vibrators and masturbators.

Daisy Chain

Sexual activity when several people are lined up in a row or in a circle to stimulate each other simultaneously.

Deep Throat

A special type of blowjob that involves swallowing a partner's penis up to the base. Successful deep throat requires the giver to suppress their gag reflex and open up their throat while developing a rhythm so they can breathe comfortably. Several adult products help suppress the gag reflex.

Desensitizing Agent

Frequently used in creams or sprays that promise to delay ejaculation or orgasm. The agent is used to dampen the nerves, making it harder than usual for the person to reach orgasm. Desensitizing agents are often used by men to delay ejaculation. They are also used to suppress the gag reflex in deep throat products and in some anal lubes.


A type of controller used in vibrators. The dial is usually set into the base and rotates to turn the toy on and off and adjust the vibration power.


A sex toy meant for vaginal or anal penetration made to closely resemble a penis, often used interchangeably with the word dong. Dildos are more realistic than dongs.


Restraint through the use of rules and punishment. It's usually imposed or given by the dominant partner and obeyed or received by the submissive partner.


A sex toy meant for anal or vaginal penetration, often used interchangeably with the word dildo. Dongs are less realistic than dildos.

Doggy-style Sex

A sexual position where the recipient is bending over facing away from their partner and looking downward.


A special type of vibrator that features one large tickler for clitoral simulation unlike rabbit vibrators, which have two ticklers.


The person who is in charge in BDSM-style relationship, often called master or mistress.


Abbreviation for double penetration, a sex position when a woman has a penis or sex toy in her vagina and her backdoor at the same time.

Dry Hump

thrusting that mimics sex without actual penetration. Partners often leave their underwear or other clothes on throughout.

Double Dong

A special type of dong measuring between 12 and 30 inches long featuring a head at both ends so two partners can use it at the same time.

Double Penetration

Position when a woman has a penis or sex toy in her vagina and her backdoor at the same time.

Dual Stimulator Vibrator

a vibrator designed to stimulate different erogenous zones at the same time. Rabbit vibrators, for instance, have a tickler to tease the clitoris while a separate vibrator provides stimulation in the shaft during penetration.


A special room designed expressly for BDSM. It often includes chains, restraints and other bondage-related items.


The act of coming to the brink of an orgasm before stopping for a few seconds to cool off. This goes on for several times, resulting in a stronger and more intense orgasm when the person simply can't hold it back any more. Edging is also a good way for men to increase their endurance.

Egg Vibrators

These specialty vibrators are roughly the size of large eggs and usually come with a remote control to regulate speed and store the batteries. While egg vibrators can be inserted and used for stimulation, they are most often used to enhance other sex toys like love dolls and some penis rings.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to get or maintain an erection for periods of time. This problem affects 30 million men in the US. This is also another term for impotence.

Erection Ring

A snug-fitting ring that fits around a penis to maintain the erection and delay ejaculation.

Erogenous Zone

A highly sensitive area that can be stimulated to bring about sexual pleasure. The nipples, clitoris and penis are common erogenous zones.


Literature with a sexual focus, intended to arouse or provide pleasure. Erotica often concentrates on the act of sex itself.

Erotic Fiction

Sensual literature focusing on the romantic and sexual relationship between two (or more) characters. Erotic fiction often provides a more emotional side to sex.

Exchanging DNA

Slang for sexual intercourse.


Special sex toys designed to fit around the tip of the penis to provide extra length and girth. Most extensions fit around the penis like condoms.

Face Sitting

Adult movie slang for when a woman who is receiving oral sex kneels directly over her partner's mouth.


Pads worn in bras or other clothing to conceal a woman's nipples while also making her breasts appear larger.

Fan Fiction

A work of fiction featuring characters of a popular novel or even celebrities. Usually written by a fan, this type of writing fantasizes on potential relations between two or more characters.


A type of adult movie that mixes plot elements and a storyline along with sex.


Stimulation of a man's penis using the mouth, tongue, lips, etc.


An intense focus or interest in a specific activity, object or body part. Many fetishes center on activities that are considered unusual in mainstream society.

Fetish Clothing

Elaborate outfits and costumes including leather, vinyl, schoolgirl outfits, high heels and anything else that is used in role playing, BDSM, or to help act out a specific sexual fantasy or desire.


Using one or more fingers for anal or vaginal penetration.


Person on adult movie set responsible for making sure that the male talent maintains an erection throughout the filming.

Foot Job

Using one's feet to stroke and stimulate your partner's genital area.

Foot Worship

Unusual attention to the feet including kissing, sucking on toes and other similar practices.


Sexual intercourse between two unmarried people, usually in a derogatory sense.


sex with four people at once.

Friends With Benefits

Two people who are currently friends that have sex with each other on a casual basis.

Frotting or Frottage

A sexual act where two people (usually men) rub their genitals together for sexual pleasure. They also might press their shafts together while one person masturbates them both. Also known as jousting or sword fighting.



The nickname for an especially sensitive area located in the upper portion of the vagina. Stimulation of this area can create more intense orgasms and also lead to squirting orgasms – the release of a clear liquid while climaxing.

G-Spot Tip

The enlarged and sharply curved end at the tip of vibrators and sex toys designed for G-spot stimulation. The curve and larger-than-average tip make it much easier for the user to hit the G-spot.

G-spot Vibrator

A vibrator with a specially curved tip designed to make G-spot stimulation easier.


A large adult movie category featuring women having sex with other women. It frequently includes women using different kinds of sex toys as well.

Glass Toys

Sex toys made from glass. Glass toys tend to be more expensive than average, but sex toy users prize glass for its many benefits, including: smoothness, easy-cleaning, and multiple sensations. Glass toys can be heated or cooled for extra stimulation and are often handmade. You can throw them in pot of boiling water to clean them or stick glass toys in the dishwasher.

Glory Hole

An adult movie term for anonymous sex; usually involves a male star sticking his penis in a hole in a wall to be pleasured by someone on the other side.


A special adult movie category featuring interaction between the on-screen star and someone off-screen, usually the cameraman or the director. This interaction can be anything from conversation to actual sex with the off-screen person.


Slang for anal sex.


General phrase for sex between three or more people at the same time.


Stimulating and stroking your partner's erogenous zones until they have an orgasm.


Often in erotic romance, this term is used as a euphemism for a man's erection.


A type of sex toy used to hold a dildo or dong in place for strap-on sex.


Slang for performing oral sex on someone.

Hooking up

Meeting someone with the intention of having sex with them.


These special sex toys are less likely to produce an allergic reaction. This is a common selling point for adult toys made from silicone or glass.


An adult movie term and category for sex between two partners from different racial backgrounds. The most popular interracial titles involve black men and white women or black men and Asian women.

Jack off

Male masturbation.


When a man brags about having sex with a famous or popular woman.


Performing oral sex on an especially large penis.

Jimmy cap

Slang for a condom.


Popular material often used to make sex toys, vibrators, dildos and dongs. Jelly is firm enough for penetration, but has a little give for a smooth and comfortable experience.


Thrills or pleasure, especially those of a sexual nature.

Jolly Roger

Slang for a penis.

Joy Buzzer

Slang for the clitoris.

Kegel Exercises

A set of special exercises used to strengthen a woman's vaginal muscles.


A sexual affinity for the unusual or unconventional. Someone interested in kink is usually open to acts that others may view as taboo.


A rubbery type of material that provides a curve-hugging fit. Latex is used in many different kinds of lingerie and fetish costumes.


Material made from cattle skin that ranges in texture and feel from smooth and flexible to stiff and rough; often used in lingerie and other clothing items like pants. Leather is a very popular material for making BDSM wear.

Leg Restraint

Used during bondage play to limit a consenting partner's ability to move their legs. Leg restraints are often attached to bedposts and used in combination with wrist restraints.


The level of sexual interest, drive or appetite by either a male or female.

Love Dolls

A catch-all phrase to describe sex toys used to simulate having sex with a partner. Love dolls are shaped like a person with one or more orifices and/or an erection suitable for penetration.


A liquid used during sex to make penetration smoother and more comfortable. There are several different types of lube on the market to meet special needs like anal penetration, oral sex, and more.


A very strong desire for someone, typically of the sexual and physical nature.



As part of a BDSM relationship, gaining pleasure from receiving pain or punishment.

Massage Oil

These thin lotions are used during massage mainly to cut down on friction and allow for smoother, improved sensations. Some massage oils include special features like scents or warm with contact.

Massage Vibrator

Designed to give a partner a soothing, relaxing muscle massage only, not safe for penetration.


Sex toys specifically designed for male masturbation, made from a soft material for comfort.

Ménage à Trois

French for "household of three", this usually refers to a threesome. It sometimes describes a sexual relationship between three people who also share a home and/or living arrangements, though this usage is not as common.


Popular phrase used to describe attractive middle-aged women.


Sexual position where the recipient is on their back facing their partner who is on top.

Mutual Masturbation

Two or more adults masturbating at the same time in front of each other.


A short, hip-length dress usually made from see-through or nearly see-through material with matching panties.

Nipple Clamps

Sex toys that fit over and gently squeeze or pinch the nipple for enhanced sexual arousal.

Nipple Pumps

Sex toys that create a vacuum-tight seal over the nipples and increasing blood flow to the nipples. This results in larger nipples and can make them even more sensitive.

No List

A list of performers that an adult star will not work with.


Small bumps on a vibrator used to provide additional clitoral and vaginal stimulation.


A rubber ring used to create a watertight seal.

Oral Sex

When someone uses their tongue and mouth on their partner's genitals.


Group sex involving five or more people.


Slang for an older woman who enjoys picking up younger men for sex.


Beads located in a sex toy or vibrator and used to provide additional stimulation.


A sexual act where a woman uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate her male partner during anal sex. Also known as role reversal.

Penis Pump

A sex toy used to increase the length and girth of a man's penis. The toy fits snugly around the penis and uses suction to increase the blood flow to the shaft. The increased amount of blood results in a larger overall penis. Results are often improved by using a penis ring immediately afterwards to restrict blood flow and to preserve the increased size.

Penis Ring

A sex toy that fits snuggly around the penis for enhanced endurance. The tight fit restricts blood flow, allowing the user to stay harder for a longer period of time while also making it more difficult for the user to have an orgasm. There are several major varieties of penis rings, including some that use bullet or egg vibrators to stimulate the user's partner and others have multiple straps for the penis shaft and to fit around the testicles to delay orgasm even longer.


Slang for vagina.

Pile Driver

Sexual position where the recipient is resting on their shoulders with their torso pointing up while the partner stands over them.

Pleasure Nubs

Larger bumps and ridges on the vibrator, usually located near the base and used for additional clitoral stimulation.

Pleasure Pearls

1. A synonym for Ben-Wa balls, a string of beads designed for vaginal or anal insertion and stimulation. 2. Refers to small beads embedded in sex toys and vibrators.

Pocket Rocket

Adult term for a discreetly sized vibrator that can be easily hidden in a pocket or purse. These travel-sized vibrators are often used during vacations and sometimes during work breaks.


A special gland in the male body that can be stimulated to produce more intense orgasms. The prostate is often called the male G-spot.

Pulsating patterns

An alternative vibrator setting that rapidly turns the vibrator or adult toy on and off as well as adjusting the speed from high to low with one push of a button. There are usually several different preset patterns for the user to choose from. This option is very popular as the user just focuses on pleasure instead of controls. Additionally, some users are further aroused by the surprise of not knowing what to expect.


Any sex toy that creates a vacuum-tight seal over a body part to increase blood flow to it, resulting in increased size and improved stimulation.


A kind of control commonly found on vibrators and some sex toys. The user just pushes a button or buttons to select a speed from high to low or one of several pulsating patterns.


A noise that occurs during sex when air trapped in the vagina is pushed out by the motion of intercourse.


Short and fast sex that usually skips foreplay.

Rabbit Vibrators

A special type of vibrator very much in demand for its intense clitoral stimulation and additional features. Rabbit vibrators are named for the two bunny ears that vibrate at high speeds against the clitoris.

Raised Veins

A series of raised bumps and ridges shaped like human veins and commonly found on vibrators, dildos and dongs. This feature is used to provide extra stimulation during penetration and thrusting.

Release Valve

Found in sex toy pumps to safely and quickly remove the suction. Pressing the release valve breaks the seal and fills the chamber with air for near-instant relief.


Used to refer to any sex toy, vibrator, dildo and dong, or material that creates the appearance or feel of real human skin or body part like a penis or vagina.


Common feature found with egg vibrators, allows the user to control the device and often doubles as a battery compartment. Also found on some rabbit and G-spot vibrators and other sex toys.

Renewal Powder

A special item similar to cornstarch or talcum powder used in conjunction with Cyberskin and other realistic materials to preserve their unique feel and other properties.

Reverse Cowgirl

Sexual position where the recipient is on top and facing away from their partner.


A series of ridges that can be anywhere from small to large; found on vibrators, some dildos and dongs, and the inside of masturbators to provide additional stimulation during penetration and thrusting.


Performing oral sex on and around the anus.

Role Playing

Acting out a special fantasy that requires two consenting adults to play a certain character, for instance the college student asking their professor for a higher grade or a nurse taking special care of a patient.

Rotating Shaft

A special feature found on many Rabbit and G-spot vibrators that allows the shaft to slowly twirl in a complete circle.

Rotating Pearls

A series of beads that move independently found in a special chamber on a rotating shaft. This provides a unique and firm sensation with every use.


Safe word

An agreed upon word that signals the wish to end a sexual activity. The pre-determined word is usually one that would be out of place in a sexual situation. This way, either partner can use "no" or "stop" to heighten the experience.


A synonym for lesbian; originates from an ancient Greek female poet named Saphos who is known for her love poems addressed to women. Saphos lived on the island of Lesbos, which is also where the word lesbian originates.


References a sexual segment in an adult movie. Each scene is a stand-alone sexual encounter between a group of people with a defined beginning (usually foreplay and oral sex), middle (penetration in a variety of positions), and end (orgasm and male cum shot).

Scissor Position

One of the more exotic sexual positions, the two partners have their legs interlocked with their genitals in contact with each other. This allows for a unique angle of penetration but some find it slightly uncomfortable.

Sex Positive Standards

The defining philosophy behind Adam & Eve. Sex positive refers to a philosophy emphasizing sexual pleasure through safe sex, education, sexual health and informed consent.

Sex Swing

A special sex toy used to elevate one partner in the air to allow for a new range of positions, deeper and more comfortable penetration, and make other positions easier for both partners.


1. The portion of the penis between the head and the balls. 2. The part of a vibrator or sex toy used for penetration.


A high-quality material increasingly popular among sex toy users and makers. Silicone has several unique properties such as its ability to retain its shape despite hard use, durability, easy cleaning, superior hygienic features, softness, smoothness and more.


Designation for lotions or lubes with silicone as the primary active ingredient. These lubes tend to be a little more expensive than most but their long-lasting effects, waterproof properties, and easy-to-clean features make them increasingly popular.


1. Sex toy feature that can be fit over vibrators similar to a condom fitting over a penis to provide new and enhanced stimulation. These sleeves are usually covered with ticklers and pleasure nubs to heighten the user's pleasure. 2. Hand-held toys with a small hole in the middle for male masturbation.


Sexual activity that involves a petite-sized woman turning around in a circle while riding her partner in a cowgirl position.


Adult movie term for when a female star secretes a colorless liquid from her vagina while having an orgasm. This is not the same as urination.


Any sex toy or feature that can be used to arouse a person and enhance their sexual experience.

Strap on

A special type of dildo or dong that can be substituted for a penis. The dildo or dong is usually attached to a kind of harness the user wears like a pair of panties and must be strong enough to hold up to penetration and thrusting.


Slang for hand-held toys used for male masturbation. The user inserts his penis into the toy and then masturbates.

Spanish Fly

A special aphrodisiac made from a plant used to enhance male virility and stamina. The term is increasingly used as a general reference to any and all aphrodisiacs targeted to men.


Two partners lying on their side while pressed together, also refers to the same sexual position.


Also referred to as the sub, this individual has agreed to give up control to the dominant partner in the relationship. The sub must obey the rules given by the dom, and may be punished for failure to do so.


A person involved in a BDSM-style relationship who follows the orders and commands from their master or mistress.

Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma

A wealthy older man or woman who uses their money to attract and support a much-younger lover by providing them with a free apartment, paying their bills, treating them to fancy dinners and showering them with expensive presents.


A person in a committed relationship who has sex with other people with their partner's knowledge and consent.

Swizzle Sticks

A type of butt plug that is both longer and thinner than average. Swizzle sticks tend to be 5 to 7 inches long and less than 1 inch wide. Many swizzle sticks also have a unique texture of striped ridges, somewhat similar to a barber pole, for added stimulation during penetration.


The perineum, which is the area of skin between the anus and the base of the testicles or the vagina. It is often stimulated for sexual pleasure.


A large, flat based product that expands from the shaft similar to the flat line at the top of the letter "t." These are most often found on butt plugs and some other toys designed for anal play.


A sex act that is considered unusual or odd by the dominant culture in a society. For instance, sex itself was a taboo topic throughout Europe and America in the later 1800s. Anal sex, while increasingly popular in the adult movie industry, still is taboo in some communities.

Talc Powder

Used on adult toys after cleaning to protect and preserve the special properties of Cyberskin.


Slang for when a partner sucks on a man's balls usually while giving the man a blowjob.


A piece of lingerie combining a tight fitting top and high-cut panties.


Three people having sexual intercourse with each other at the same time.


Long, thin and highly flexible pieces of material made to stand out and transfer vibrations. Found on a wide variety of sex toys and vibrators, ticklers are useful for providing additional stimulation directly to the clitoris or during penetration. The bunny ears on a rabbit vibrator show how effective ticklers can be to helping someone reach an orgasm.

Tongue Banging

Using one's tongue during oral sex to stimulate thrusting penetration.


Slang for a person in a relationship who usually does the penetration, commonly used in describing gay sex.


A group of people in a line performing sexual acts on each other at the same time.


When two women rub their vaginas together.


Cleavage visible below her shirt.

Urban Cougar

An older woman who tries to pick up younger men for sex. Urban cougars are usually found in late-night bars and clubs in downtown areas.

Vaginal Beads

A string of various sized balls made to be inserted into the vagina for additional stimulation.

Vaginal Pumps

Special sex toys that fit over the vagina and use a vacuum-seal to increase blood flow and enlarge the vagina.

Vanilla Sex

Basic missionary-style sex with none of the little extras often found in adult movies like cowgirl or doggy-style positions, anal, toy play or more.


Used to describe sex toys that have a series of raised lines following a semi-random path along the shaft of vibrators, dildos and some dongs. The lines provide extra stimulation during penetration and are often made to look like human veins for realism.

Venus Vibrator

Synonym for butterfly vibrators. The vibrator fits against the vagina and is mainly used to deliver clitoral stimulation. These usually come with some sort of strap or panties so the user can wear them and even use them during regular sex.


Common nickname for a vibrator.

Vibrating Ring

The combination of a penis ring and vibrator. The ring restricts blood flow to the penis for longer endurance while a bullet or egg vibrator is positioned to stimulate a partner's clitoris or other erogenous zone. This is one of the few adult toys on the market designed for his and her use.


Specialized adult toy that relies on batteries or electricity to power a motor that causes the toy to vibrate at usually high speeds. By using the vibration on or near erogenous zones, this adult toy can deliver faster and more intense orgasms than normal. There are many different kinds of vibrators, each catering to specific needs and fitting a unique niche.

Visiting the Wookie

Performing analingus on someone who hasn't shaved recently.


Getting pleasure whilst watching others engage in sexual activity.

Wall to Wall

Non-stop sex from beginning to end in adult movies; also called all-action.

Wand Massagers

A specialized vibrator with a flexible tip and a long handle. Wands are made primarily for external use, such as clitoral stimulation. These discreet-looking toys often double as mainstream back massagers. Wands are often stronger than all other types of vibrators.


The primary ingredient is water, often used to describe lubes. Water-based lubes are prized for their low price, compatibility with all kinds of material, sex toys, vibrators and condoms, as well as their easy-cleaning properties.


Designation for sex toys safe for use in wet environments like a shower, hot tub, bath or pool. These toys can be identified by a rubber ring around the battery compartment or control device that creates a watertight seal.


Paying special attention to a specific part of the body by usually licking, kissing, rubbing, fondling or sucking on it. Breasts and feet are both body parts that are commonly worshipped.

Wrist Restraint

A toy often used in bondage games to restrict movement of the wrist and arms. These toys can be used separately or in pairs in a wide variety of locations; they are sometimes used along with leg or ankle restraints.


Used by the Motion Picture Association to identify adult movies from the 1960s until the early 1990s. Still used today by many adult companies.


A widely used abbreviation to identify explicit adult content.



Slang for testicles.

Yodeling in the Canyon

A man trying to perform oral sex on two women simultaneously.


A white girl wearing a visible black bra or a black girl wearing a visible white bra.


A person who becomes sexually excited because of their partner's jealousy.

Zipper sex

Oral sex performed quickly, without even taking off the recipient's pants.


U.S. law requiring companies selling or offering adult products and content to maintain a comprehensive set of age-verification records for any and all models, actors and actresses engaged in sexually explicit conduct.


A sexual position allowing two people to perform oral sex at the same time.