What are Pocket Rocket Vibrators?

If you're looking for a discreet yet powerful vibrator, a pocket rocket may be just what the love doctor ordered. These personal playthings are preferred by some women, because they don't look like typical vibrators and aren't terribly phallic looking. Instead, they look more like back massagers or small flashlights. Many pocket rockets come with several heads that snap onto the top and provide additional stimulation.

Although Pocket Rockets are only about five inches long and powered by a single AA battery, this vibrator model is known for its concentrated, powerful vibrations. In fact, these little erotic missiles might be too forceful for some. Fortunately, there's an easy way to find your perfect level of satisfaction: you can cover the tip of your vibrator with an attachment, a jelly or silicone cover, or even the edge of your nightgown to ramp down the intensity.

Pocket Rockets are Perfect for Travel

Everyone's heard the horror story of the woman who packed her vibrator in her carry-on bag, only to have it discovered by airport security at the gate! For many women, the inconspicuous design of the average pocket rocket makes this possibility far less embarrassing--although you should remove the batteries beforehand as a precaution.

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