Adam & Eve Catalog

Mailed for the first time in 1971, the Adam & Eve catalog introduced sex toys and adult movies to millions of Americans. Before the Adam & Eve catalog, the adult industry was limited primarily to dirty, dingy stores and decaying movie theaters in back alleys. The Adam & Eve catalog, however, brought sex toys and adult movies to mailboxes from Maine to Hawaii. People who had never bought sex toys before could now shop from the Adam & Eve catalog without leaving home – making sex toys and adult movies widely accessible for the first time ever.

The early Adam & Eve catalogs focused mainly on condoms. As the catalog grew more popular, the selection expanded to include sex education books, lingerie, comedy records, bar paraphernalia, a sword cane, explorer hats and novelty items. The rise in feminism created a strong demand for more vibrators, dildos and other adult toys as women become more sexually assertive. The expansion of home entertainment, first in the form of the VCR and later the DVD player, led to a huge increase in the number of adult movies featured in the Adam & Eve catalog. Both trends helped mold the Adam & Eve catalog into its modern-day form.

Today, the iconic Adam & Eve Catalog is still mailed regularly to millions of people worldwide – bringing the newest vibrators, cock rings, dildos and adult DVDs straight to their door and continuing a decades-old tradition.


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