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Sex Lube Options

Fun Sex Lube Options

With all the different brands of sex lubes on the market, manufacturers have started adding special features to lubes and lotions to help make their products stand out from the crowd. Some lubes boost all-nature ingredients or special "skin-friendly" formulas. Flavored lubesscented lubes, and warming lubes are some of the more useful options and can enhance your sexual experience greatly.

Flavored Sex Lubes and Sex Lotions

Flavored sex lubes and lotions are perfectly safe for digestion, but it’s not a good idea to start using these as ice-cream toppings. Edible lubes usually have a fruit based flavor such as apple, cherry or strawberry. Take note that the quality of flavored lubes can vary greatly - some taste just like the real thing while others that taste like a particularly nasty medicine. Flavored lubes and lotions are commonly and most frequently used during oral sex. You may even find your partner more eager to perform oral sex by finding a lube they consider tasty. Flavored lubes are also useful to encourage people who are slightly reluctant to give oral sex.

Scented Sex Lubes and Massage Oils

Scented sex lubes and sex lotions give off a pleasant odor, with fruits like cherries or strawberries being the most popular choice. But there's a rapidly growing market for more exotic scents like coconut or chocolate. Scented lubes enhance the experience by involving all of your partner's and your senses. Massage Oils are usually pleasantly scented with scents like lavender and verbena and other soothing scents that help you relax. Don't forget, sex is one of the best de-stressers out there.

Warming Lubes and Lotions

Warming sex lubes and otions are ideal for those chilly climates. These lubes and lotions contain a special chemical that heats up when you're using the lube or lotion to give your partner a sensuous massage. The lube or lotion will rapidly warm up, relaxing muscles while arousing your partner at the same time. While this warming agent is effective on all parts of the body, it has a pronounced effect when used on erogenous zones – just try it on your partner’s nipples and watch their face light up!

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