Installing a Sex Swing

So You Got the Sex Swing - Good for You!

Sex swings are the latest in fun sex furniture, and for very good reason. They’re great for trying new positions, as bondage sex toys, for more comfortable oral sex, easy-access anal sex, and dozens of other adventures. Adam and Eve sells several sex swings so you can choose your favorite fantasy.

But you need to feel confident that your sex swing will perform for you, no matter how hot the action gets! Here’s how to make sure that your sex swing is installed safely and securely from your ceiling.

Installing Your New Sex Swing

First, decide on the ideal position for your sex swing. There’ll be lots of bouncing and moving, so give yourself plenty of room—about a 5-foot clearance on all sides. You don’t want to be knocking over furniture, plants or scaring the family pets. Give yourself plenty of weight, too, because a bouncing body weighs more than when it’s just sitting there. Buy hardware accordingly.

Once you’ve located the right spot, assemble your tools. You’ll need a drill, 1/4” drill bit for the starting hole, the hooks that came with your sex swing, small nails, hammer, pliers or a vice grip, screwdriver, and a ladder. If you have a stud finder, that’s going to be a handy extra. If no hardware came with your sex swing, just tell the hardware store people that you’re installing a porch swing and need a strong eye bolt that will hold at least the weight of two people.

Next, locate the middle of a ceiling joist where you want to hang the swing. Here’s where the stud finder makes it easier: just use it to locate the joist. If you don’t have one, use your hammer to tap lightly on the ceiling: if you get a hollow sound, you’re in the wrong place. Joists are usually placed 16 inches or 24 inches apart, center to center. Keep tapping until you hear a more solid sound. This is the joist. To make sure you’re in the middle of the joist, rather than at the edge, drive a small nail partially into the joist, then drive two more, one at either side of the first nail, about an inch apart. If all three nails are in the joist, you’re close enough to the middle, which will give the strongest support.

Take out the nails. In the middle of the joist, drill a small starter hole about 2 inches deep for your eye bolt, which will anchor the sex swing. Screw in the eye bolt as far as it will go. You’ll probably have to use pliers or a vice grip for this. Or insert a screwdriver through the hole and turn. The harder this is to do, the better—it means you’re in the right place.

Then hang your swing and test it by pressing down on it will all your weight or sitting in it and rocking gently. Don’t be shy. It's better that you find any problems now than before things get going hot and heavy. If the swing is secure, then let the adventures begin!

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