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July 2014  

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›› In This Issue: ›› Share Your Sexy Secrets:

Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
DIY Bondage Basics
A Quick Her 'n' His Guide To Better Sex
Play Free Sex Games at Adam & Eve
Half-time Sex!
Exclusive Preview: The Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

Foot-Loose Missionary
Designed for deep penetration and foot play, this position starts with her lying on her back with her legs lifted in the air. The male pushes her legs back, shifting the angle of her hips for easier access to her vagina and allowing her to take his entire shaft more comfortably than lying straight on her back. The position also lets the male support his weight on his knees and makes his movements easier for greater variety. As a sexy surprise, the male should try sucking on her toes or kissing her feet.

My First Sex Toy

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at

Hot Sex as the Temperature Drops

Dear Dr. Kat,

My wife and I have been married a few years and we've noticed that our sex life really dries up during the winter. We are dreading the upcoming season change. What gives?


Dear Daniel, 

It's a biological fact that our libidos are not as strong during the winter months. Blame it on the hormones. But there are evolutionary reasons too. Our bodies tend to conserve less energy and a lower sex drive ensures that offspring are born when there is a sufficient food supply. Beyond that we tend to eat heavier comfort foods which often doesn't leave us feeling too sexy either. Plus we just want to bundle up and stay warm. Obviously, extra clothing doesn't help matters.

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›› DIY Bondage Basics!

With the recent premiere of the trailer for the 50 Shades Of Grey movie, there's been a new surge of the "bondage curious" looking to try out some of the erotic bestseller's spicy ideas. The good news? You don't need to set up a billionaire's sex dungeon to explore bondage basics. You can create your own kinky games with common household items.

1. A Scarf - Preferably silky and dark, you can use the scarf as a blindfold. Once blindfolded, every touch is a surprise. Try bringing in ice, feathers, or other sensory items to tease your lover's skin and heighten arousal. When blindfolded, you can concentrate solely on sensation for an amazing experience. You can also use the scarf as a soft tie for wrists or ankles.

2. Stockings/Pantyhose - Soft, stretchy, and perfect for improvised ties. Keep old runny or outdated pairs around and use them to tie wrists to a headboard or each other. You also tie your lover's wrists together in front or back, so that they'll have to pleasure you - or receive pleasure themselves - hands free.

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›› A Quick Her 'n' His Guide To Better Sex!

Who doesn't want to be a rock star in the bedroom? It doesn't have to fall on just one partner. You can take the initiative and both of you will benefit from better communication, a better head space and ultimately -- more fun in bed.

For Her
He's looking to you to help set the mood. Here are some ideas to help you get there and enjoy it even more than before.

• Be Open - Not in the mood, but the time and the place is great? Give it a chance. Try not to write off sex, see how a little foreplay goes -- it's possible you just need to warm up to the idea, first. Consider a spicy couples game to take you away from the day's hassles.

• Learn Your Body - That's right. Get a hand held mirror. Take a good look at your anatomy and how it responds. It's easier to tell your partner what makes you feel good if you already know, right? The next time you use your vibrator, get that mirror out again and you'll be amazed at what happens next. There are all kinds of vibrators, reasonably priced and ready to go.

• Over-Communicate - Let's face it, he's a nice guy but he's no mind reader. Offer some blunt guidance in the heat of the moment -- more tongue, less tongue, this foreplay or that. Chances are strong he'll remember next time! Or leave a book on his nightstand.

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Play Games at Adam&Eve now  
›› Play Free Sex Games at Adam & Eve:

Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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›› Half-time Sex!

With football season starting back up, guys all over the country are spending their weekends hunkering down in man caves and bars cheering on their favorite teams instead of having sex with their significant others. But don't panic ladies - the average NFL halftime can stretch up to 30 minutes once you factor in all the commercials, commentary and replays. As long as you use the time wisely, you can get the lovin' you need without interrupting the big game - here's how:

1. The Sexy Referee - Dress up in a sexy referee costume and throw a penalty flag at the couch potato for ignoring you. If he doesn't get the message, assess him a 15-yard penalty and a night on the couch.

2. The Hike - After spending the first half loading up on snack foods and beer, you need to do something obvious to catch his attention. So grab your favorite sex toy, bend over in front of the TV, yell out hike and spike the toy into his lap.

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›› Exclusive Preview: The Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones
Sex Position

Did you know that the Inside Out Series, an erotic thriller in development for cable TV with acclaimed producer Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland w/Johnny Depp, Boiler Room, Austin Powers and more! ) features Adam and Eve in several of the books?

The series tells of a prim and proper school teacher, Sara McMillan, who inherits a storage unit full of Rebecca Mason's belongings. Sara reads Rebecca's journal and relates to how the other woman has feared her dreams but chased them despite that fear. The journal is filled with the erotic remembering of Rebecca and a man who lived for control and dominance. When the journal ends ominously, Sara begins to fear for Rebecca's life. She seeks her out, but is unable to find her. Somehow Sara begins living Rebecca's life without meaning to, becoming involved with the same people Rebecca had been, and even working at the same art gallery. Sara becomes involved in a triangle with two men in particular, and is intimately drawn to one of them. Are these two men in the journal? And where is Rebecca?

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