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Try something new this month. Adam & Eve's Sex Position of the month is one sure to please you and your lover.


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Your questions answered by A&E's resident sexpert Dr. Kat, a board certified Clinical Sexologist. This Month's question is…


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›› Catch 50 Shades Fever!

Got plans for Valentine's weekend yet? Because the 50 Shades of Grey movie is finally hitting theaters. With legions of adoring fans worldwide, the erotic books are a mega-hit. Trailers for the movie have already amassed millions of views online. This kind of popularity is unprecedented, especially considering that the tale revolves around themes of sexual dominance, submission, and bondage.


›› Has Your Valentine's Day Groove Turned Into A Rut?

Of all the holidays on the calendar, Valentine's Day has its own share of joy, thrills -- and occasional anxiety. For new lovers still treasuring every moment, V-Day is like any other day, just better. It's a day festooned with paper hearts, roses, perhaps a gift and a special meal. However, for some of us in long term relationships, V-Day can bring some challenges to keep it fresh 'n' fun.


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