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January 2015  

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Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
Our Favorite Sex Toys of 2014
50 Shades of Grey Is Still Coming!
(This Valentine's Day)

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Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions
The Results Are In…
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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

Sensational Shake
A more active version of missionary, this position starts with the bottom partner lying flat on their back with their legs either spread or folded up. The top partner joins in, supporting his weight on his knees. Meanwhile, the bottom partner shifts their legs - throwing one over the top's shoulder while resting the other on the top's chest or side. This allows the bottom partner to take a more active role by incorporating their feet and legs into sex either as a secondary means of communication or for additional stimulation. The elevated feet also make it easier for the top partner to reach - allowing for faster-paced sex and deeper penetration.

My First Sex Toy

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at

New Sex in the New Year

Dear Dr. Kat,

I'd really like to work on my sex life with my husband in the New Year. I think we'd have sex more often if we tried new things. I'm just not sure what those new things are. Have any suggestions?

Happy Holidays,

Dear Hilda, 

The whole point is to do something… ANYTHING different. This means anything from changing up where you have sex (break out of the bed rut), to new positions or behaviors you haven't tried as a couple. I suggest keeping it as simple as possible so that you don't get overwhelmed and by all means, keep it fun so you maintain the motivation. If it becomes a chore, stop for a bit and then pick it up a few weeks or a month later so that it feels fresh again. Here are some specific suggestions.

Accoutrements - Yes, sex toys seem like the obvious answer to mixing things up sexually. Never had a g-spot orgasm? Always fantasized about prostate play? There is a tool for every proclivity. You might want to have a New Year's Eve date where you go online and buy a handful of toys. This way when you want to break out a new toy every couple of months you'll have one ready and waiting.

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›› Our Favorite Sex Toys of 2014

2014 was a big year for sex toys. From the 50 Shades craze to brand new tech, souped-up classics to mind-bending designs, we at Adam & Eve were blown away by the sheer scope and variety of new toys. And we couldn't ring in a new year without mentioning a few standouts in a very distinguished crowd.

Our Favorite Couples Vibe: We-Vibe 4 Plus
Since its inception, the bestselling couples vibe has slimmed down, powered up, and added more functionality. But the latest We-Vibe 4 Plus also connects to its own app – letting you or a partner control it from your smart device. For the orgasmic tech lover in your life, it's unbeatable.

Our Favorite Clit Vibe: Lelo Ora
This wild massager's smooth surface hides a massaging ball that replicates the feel of oral sex with swirling, tickling, and teasing motions. With 10 functions that adjust up and down in intensity and an elegant compact design, it's ideal for the oral enthusiast.

Our Favorite Stroker: The Hammerhead Stroker
More and more vibrating strokers are appearing, but this one's power leaves lots of them in the dust. That's because the soft and nubby Hammerhead connects to the top of a full-sized electric wand massager. Switch the massager on to feel earth-shaking vibrations engulf your shaft with every stroke.

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›› 50 Shades of Grey Is Still Coming! (This Valentine's Day)

Here at Adam & Eve we're keenly excited about all things 50 Shades. It's a great time to empower couples to explore role-playing and change up some same-old same-old behaviors in the bedroom! (Just make sure you have a safe word, cuffs, a nice whip and some lube).

Here's what we know so far about the film version of the popular 50 Shades of Grey book series:

• Nicki Minaj will not be getting a part in the film, no matter how many music videos like "Only" she puts out.

• A real-life Anastasia Steele, named Lily Temperley in a recent interview, found that living in a controlling affair with an elite banker may not always play out as depicted in E.L. James' fetish fiction. After being told how to look and behave by the married executive, Lily quit her high salary job and left her profession when she finally had enough of his controlling behavior. Perhaps it just wasn't a good match?

Film buffs may notice that there aren't any “big” Hollywood stars in Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie. This may actually help move the fantasy along, while keeping the budget low on a risky "sex romp" from Tinsel Town. Let's look at two key players:

Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey.
At 32, Dornan is close to the perfect age to play the worldly Christian. His film and television resumé is short, but Jamie has done lots of modeling for Calvin Klein and Dior. If he can sell those fantasies on the printed pages of glossy magazines, he's bound to be a great Mr. Grey. We think Mr. G. should keep some First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers in his suit jacket, just in case…

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›› Play Free Sex Games at Adam & Eve:

Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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›› Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

A New Year brings along fresh opportunities… and another set of those wacky New Year's Resolutions. Here are some sure-fire methods to keep you on track whether you're trying to lose weight or write a book.

Keep your goals reasonable.
Setting a grandiose goal is one of the quickest ways to fail, so start out small at first and work your way up from there. Instead of promising yourself to quit your job and start your own business by the end of the year, prepare the groundwork for your decision. Decide what you want to do and build a business plan and research information about loans. And take things from there.

Give yourself something to measure by.
Saying you'll write a book this year is one thing, but actually doing it is something else. Instead, draw up an outline of what you want to do and break it up into easily managed chunks. Doing a few chapters a month is much more manageable, and you'll still have your book by the end of the year.

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›› The Results Are In… A&E's Newsletter Poll Reveals
The Results Are In
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Get excited! Adam & Eve will have the official store at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino January 21-24, 2015. Adam & Eve will be selling a plethora of Adult DVDs and novelties for fans to purchase at the expo! Adam & Eve contract star Teagan Presley and adult legend Nina Hartley will both be on hand at the Adam & Eve booth to sign autographs and pose for pictures. This will be the only store during the expo available for fans to shop at! Every year the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) plays host to thousands of performers who gather to meet fans who come in from around the world! The 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo sets the stage for the 32nd annual AVN Awards Show, which will be held Saturday, January 24, 2015 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The annual AVN Awards Show is the premier gala of adult video and recognizes titles, individuals, and companies for contributions to and excellence in the industry.

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